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Accomplish more, in less time

Run effective meetings no matter where your teams are located

Our web conferencing means you can communicate more effectively in more ways.

Powered by Cisco WebEx, you can enjoy a rich multimedia experience.

Your important meetings can be run no matter where your workforce is located by sharing applications, presentations and documents in real time over web browsers.

Plus, you can reduce the costs of travelling, accommodation and downtime.

Collaborate quickly and easily with capability to:

  • Present dynamic online events and webinars
  • Deliver online training and e-learning experiences
  • Share knowledge, experience and ideas across your organisation
  • Record and play back meetings
  • Allow team members to collaborate easily using their mobile devices, including two-way video
  • Create a richer, more productive web meeting experience with integration with Telstra Audio Conferencing and real-time content sharing.

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Help your organisation to get


Ability to share data over distance
Improve the effectiveness of long distance conferences, with the real-time, onscreen display of documents. Participants can view, collaborate and even amend documents during a meeting.




Simple online format
It’s easy for guests to gain access and participate. You can host a web conference anywhere there is a PC online, here or overseas, and record and play back the meeting.




The power of collaboration
The polling slides feature provides valuable on-the-spot feedback. Meanwhile, the online whiteboard feature means brainstorming is easy. So you can develop innovative concepts and business strategies on the fly.




Controlled, secure meetings
Manage your meetings behind the scenes with control panels that provide separate attendee and host views.


Potential business impact

  • Faster business decisions
  • Cost savings on travel
  • Higher productivity


Ideal for

  • Enterprise customers
  • Brainstorming, managing projects and virtual meetings
  • Different locations
  • Variety of devices