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For a great video conferencing experience, get into BlueJeans

Conduct HD video meetings anywhere you have adequate internet access, on a wide range of devices.

BlueJeans lets you avoid the hassles of traditional video conferencing and enjoy high-definition video meetings.

All you need are a camera and adequate internet access, whether on a desktop, smartphone, tablet or in a conferencing room.

BlueJeans is so simple because it's cloud based and works with multiple devices and platforms.

You can even use your existing video equipment and unified communications systems. Better still, it works with most video enabled mobile devices.

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Help your organisation to get:


Don’t worry about what your contacts are using to start or enter a video meeting. BlueJeans works with most video capable devices – including smartphones, tablets and unified communications systems as well as most common video conferencing equipment as long as they have adequate internet access.


A mobile workforce
Video conferencing takes mobile working to a new level of effectiveness and takes full advantage of BYOD.


Affordable scalability
Forget deployment and upgrade costs. Subscription-based pricing makes the service cost-effective and it easily grows with your business.


Since BlueJeans is cloud based, you don’t have the problems of managing infrastructure or unfamiliar technology.


Security and privacy
All calls are encrypted by default, and additional security options can be selected from your account settings.


Potential business impact

  • Improve productivity
  • Reducing Infrastructure cost
  • Added security

Ideal for companies with


  • Dispersed workforces
  • Limited IT Management capabilities

BlueJeans Video Conferencing

Conferencing made easy, reaching more people on more devices.