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    The benefits of public clouds can quickly be negated if they aren’t managed properly. Telstra Cloud Sight helps to simplify the management of your public cloud resources.

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    All you need to build, automate and scale your Cloud

    Hyper-scale public cloud adoption continues to grow rapidly as more businesses embrace the flexibility and scalability it makes possible, as well as the low starting costs and ease of using a broad range of resources and functionality. Amazon Web Services introduced over 1,000 new features in 20171 to deliver the breadth of services that customers would need at an affordable price point and making it easy for them to adopt.

    However, if not managed properly, the potential risks can quickly negate the benefits public clouds offer. Security breaches can occur due to misconfiguration or mismanagement of credentials by users. Customer data hosted in cloud environments that aren’t compliant with industry standards such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) can easily be stolen or mistreated. Businesses can also inadvertently incur higher than expected costs, due to common issues such as forgetting to power-down resources after a project is completed.

    The easy way to configure and control

    Telstra Cloud Sight combines an easy to use and clear self-service experience, together with an automated orchestration engine that enables you to configure each eligible cloud account easily, and keep it compliant with your chosen blueprint and under control with minimal human intervention.

    The platform is built in modules by bringing together our experts from IT, network, security and cloud engineering teams and adopting various best practice methodologies to provide you with the capabilities to build new eligible cloud environments or manage existing ones.

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    How it works


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    Budget Control use case


    Gain control of your cloud costs by setting budget controls for new and existing cloud accounts. Keep track of your cloud spend and eliminate cost wastage with a full view of your cloud costs at a glance of the dashboard.

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    Compliance use case


    Create a compliant public cloud environment by applying a compliance blueprint to your cloud accounts. Monitoring is made easy with Telstra Cloud Sight’s dashboard giving you a complete overview of your compliance status.

    Find out how this can be achieved in three simple steps:

    Watch our tutorial video

    Download Data Sheet

    Service Tiers

    Telstra Cloud Sight service allows a mix and match of feature levels on an account by account basis. Multiple service tiers are available to cater for your needs. For the full list of features available within each service tier, please approach your Telstra account manager.


    Service tier What you get
    Essential Best practice account deployment and management, cost optimisation and recommendations and deployment of compliance blueprints, budget controls, tagging and resource scheduling
    Compliance Continuous monitoring and reporting on compliance configuration and alerts on accounts that breaches your chosen compliance blueprint. Actionable intelligence and remediation steps for each account


    You will be able to use the features and capabilities of Telstra Cloud Sight through its portal after you sign up for an account. The automated orchestration engine is integrated within existing public cloud vendors to carry out your instructions from the portal.


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