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    Many clouds, one view

    Whether you’re a CIO or a developer, Telstra’s Cloud Management Platform lets you manage complex IT demands and move data across multiple clouds using a single interface.

    With stakeholder provisioning, workload governance and monitoring, alarming and reporting of infrastructure and application workloads, it’s the one vision that makes everything clear.

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    “At its heart, a hybrid cloud management solution helps companies balance the competing demands and responsibilities of cloud developers and technology managers.” Forrester Wave

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    All clouds, all the time

    RightScale’s multicloud API lets you deploy infrastructure to any cloud, at any point in its lifecycle.

    Cloud analytics

    Get insights into multicloud and third-party costs so you can optimise data deployments.

    Manage access and identities

    Control access to your clouds, centralise user permissions and connect existing directory services.

    Self-service features

    Make complex environments simple to access and understand using virtual catalogue tools.



    Map workloads to resources, orchestrate your workflow and get one step closer to automated continuous delivery.

    Manage and move

    With comprehensive support for leading containerization software, it’s easy to package and move applications yourself.

    Better governance

    Integrate approval and chargeback systems, and manage change and advanced life cycles.

    Cloud-to-cloud capabilities

    Develop plugins to deploy, orchestrate and manage your network in a multicloud environment.


    Public clouds

    Public cloud lets your business consume high-performance computing resources as needed, offered as virtual and dedicated servers, so you get the ideal mix of clouds to suit whatever diverse business needs you may have.


    Telstra-supplied public clouds:

    • Amazon Web Sevices
    • Microsoft Azure
    • IBM SoftLayer

    Other supported public clouds:

    • Google Cloud Platform
    • OpenStack
    • VMware vSphere configuration
    • CloudStack
    • Rackspace

    Private clouds

    These give you the physical infrastructure to deliver capacity wherever you want, while maintaining total control.

    If you have a private cloud running OpenStack, Apache CloudStack, Citrix CloudPlatform or vSphere, you can analyse usage by setting up instance types and a price per hour. Your private clouds will then be metered in cloud analytics along with your public clouds.


    Cloud Management Platform offers three tiers of features for your virtual machines (VMs). Fees are calculated based on your choice of tier. The table and links below give you an indication of the pricing construct, and may help you decide whether to pay as you go or choose a 12 or 36-month plan.

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    Capability Govern
    Workload visibility
    Organise and tag
    Cost visibility and controls
    Access controls
    Basic provisioning
    Lifecycle operations  
    Operational scripts  
    Audit trails  
    Managed login  
    Automated provisioning  
    Instance monitoring    
    Alerts and escalations    
    Triggered actions    
    Lifecycle management    



    Plans    Pay as you go


    Overview demo

    Orchestrate and gain insights of your cloud services from a single unified view. Manage and control your multi-cloud portfolio. Ensure your cloud services operate with peak performance to gain the full advantages cloud has to offer.


    Management demo

    Automate your cloud operations, optimise cloud costs, and gain visibility of existing cloud use. Accelerate development with template-based provisioning of cloud resources through a self-service portal or a robust API.


    Analytics demo

    Visualise, forecast and optimise cloud usage and costs through one dashboard. Set email budget alerts when an actual or forecasted budget is exceeded or automate decisions using Rightscale APIs.


    Self-service demo

    Enable your IT team to broker cloud services across your organisation and provide internal end users with self-service access to cloud resources and virtualised environments in just minutes. Enable your users to launch a CloudApp in minutes.

    Free from infrastructure demands

    Free yourself from infrastructure demands and discover what your business is capable of when your public and private clouds are part of the one, clear vision.

    With a single, intuitive platform that anticipates your changing IT needs, you can focus on growing your business.


    Cloud portability

    Provision and move workloads to any cloud, public or private, whenever your business calls for it.

    Manage and track

    Track your performance, manage your costs, and reduce bill shock with reporting and analytics across your entire cloud environment.

    Make IT your cloud broker

    A single interface lets you choose the right cloud, automate self-service access and manage shadow IT.


    Powered by RightScale®

    The Cloud Management Platform is delivered by “a global leader in hybrid cloud management”*

    * The Forrester Wave™: Hybrid Cloud Management Solutions, Q1 2016


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