Cisco Webex Meetings from Telstra

Meetings to fit your work style

From video-first features to instant screen sharing and one button to push functionality, meetings have never been simpler.

Cisco Webex Meetings from Telstra uses a single integrated cloud platform to make virtual meetings easier, more effective and economical than you thought possible.

Meetings are optimised for mobiles, apps and devices. Meet face to face as needed, while one-button-to-push makes everything effortless and intuitive. Now meetings adapt to your team’s individual work styles so you can focus on work instead of your technology.

Choose from a range of cost-efficient audio, video and web-conferencing services via the Cisco Webex Meetings suite. In addition, our Cisco Webex Cloud Connected Audio-Service Provider (CCA-SP) service integrates IP and PSTN voice, offering improved audio experiences with even lower call costs.

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Cisco Webex

Free 90-day Trial

Telstra and Cisco are offering our customers a FREE 90-day trial of Webex for full video and web conferencing on any device.

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Key features

Connect audio your way

Choose on-demand audio conferencing or integrate your Webex Meeting experience with Cloud Connected Audio – Service Provider (CCA-SP) to experience end-to-end quality across IPVPN services.

Simple and Secure Meetings

Share documents, desktops and applications with your stakeholders in near real-time, while mobile accessibility allows you to schedule and join meetings wherever you are. And it’s all delivered with stringent data privacy, encrypted connections and tight policy control.

One Button to touch

Webex provides a reservation-less web-conferencing service allowing you to join a video or audio meeting without dialing in, simply press the green button or follow the link instead.

Host events, train your team and support your customers

Whether you need meetings for two or 100,000, Webex Meetings offers a choice of events, training or support options featuring HD video, integrated audio and multimedia sharing to create compelling customer and learning experiences.

Improve the quality of your service

Create an end-to-end solution with integrated audio by running a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunk from our Telstra global network to Cisco Webex instead of a traditional telephony connection.

Collaborate and Record

Get more from your meeting by screensharing or brainstorming together on a digital whiteboard. Choose to record your meetings and get transcripts automatically to save locally or to the cloud.


Bring teams together, wherever they are

Bring teams together more effectively wherever they are, keep deadlines on track and resolve issues quickly.

Get more out of meetings

Share documents, presentations and applications and enrich meetings to support faster, informed decisions.

Connect simply and quickly

Communicate across all types of security firewalls and easily link to everyday business applications and processes.

Cost-effective collaboration

Take advantage of hardware, software and maintenance cost savings. With our IP VPN or Global VoIP platform, Webex Cloud Connected Audio-Service Provider (CCA-SP) offers predictable monthly costs and minimised per-minute PSTN charges.

Introducing Webex Assistant

AI-powered and voice-activated with “OK Webex”, the new Webex Assistant automates common meeting tasks so you can focus on interacting with other participants. Webex Assistant provides real-time transcripts, closed-captioning, highlights, notes, action items, and post-meeting editing and distribution.

Key Features of Webex Assistant

Live transcription

Running captions can be turned on or off during the meeting and displayed on the right-side panel.

Voice commands

Using “OK Webex” will prompt a visual and audible response from Webex Assistant; commands include “Create an action item/task/note”; We “decided”; “Highlight” that; and “In summary”.

Sharing highlights

Participants can select multiple highlights to share via email for fast follow-up; send to all meeting participants, specific participants, or add custom emails.


Closed-captioning provides greater accessibility for hearing-impaired participants.

Recording transcripts

Enable in-meeting recording to capture the post-meeting transcript; speaker labelling within the transcript lets you know exactly what was said by whom.

Meeting highlights

The host and attendees can capture highlights in three ways: voice activated trigger words, selecting and highlighting text, and voice commands.

Cross-meeting search

After the meeting, search all your meeting transcripts with key words.

More about Cisco Webex Meetings

As the office evolves, so do the features of the collaboration tools we use. Watch our tech hack videos to learn how to get savvy and efficient with Cisco Webex.

Take back control with Cisco Webex meetings

Take back the control of your video meetings.

Jira Integration makes Cisco Webex meetings agile

Tailor your video meeting experience based on what your team really needs.

Manage your Cisco Webex meetings like a pro

Do you have all your favourite meeting tools in one place?

Why Telstra

Innovate faster

Access global technologies early with Telstra and Cisco’s strategic partnership, enabling a shared vision and roadmap. We’re continuously co-developing new innovations to position you for success.

Leader across voice, networks and services

Access a full range of integrated end-to-end solutions in one place. Telstra offers everything from Cisco collaboration and contact centre solutions, to mobility, cloud and connectivity services that bring it to life. It’s just one reason why we’re Cisco’s 2018 Managed Service Innovation Partner of the Year.

Vast experience

With a formal certification testing program, we’ll make sure your Cisco rollout is a success, bringing together your people, workplace and technology to achieve big goals.

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