Adaptive Collaboration: Telstra Cloud Calling

Be ready for the future of hybrid working

A flexible all-in-one cloud calling and collaboration solution that adapts with your business.

Key features

Be ready for the future of hybrid working


Create a solution to best meet your needs. Select your users call plans and then customise with a selection of optional add-on features.

Management portal

We provide you with a simple and intuitive tool that puts you in control of your service. Make changes in near real time so your business is not interrupted.

Cost control

Control your monthly spend with a simple pricing plan and freedom to pay only for the feature selections that you need.


We’re keeping it simple with no lock in contracts and a plan that lets you choose your user configurations and voice line capacity.

Telstra Enterprise Plus fund

5% of your net monthly subscription commitments are automatically banked into your Telstra Enterprise Plus Fund which you can draw on to help offset the purchase price of any eligible devices.

Range of devices

A range of device options available. Choose to purchase IP handsets from us outright or lease your handsets, headsets and devices. The choice is yours.


Flexible, scalable and modular

Help migrate faster with easy set up of number and calling capability and faster provisioning.

[Narrator] It's been estimated that 98% of all business meetings will have at least one person joining remotely. This makes cloud-based telephony essential.

Introducing Telstra Adaptive Collaboration with Webex by Cisco. So what's new? A brand new soft client, self-service management portal, and an onshore skilled support team. Easily call landlines or mobiles using your business number from within your Webex, Slack, or Microsoft Teams client. And receive calls to your business number within the Webex app, including calls made to your Telstra mobile. Organize meetings for up to a thousand people or just chat one-to-one.

You can now add, upgrade, or migrate users from old phone systems all within minutes by the self-service portal. Get the support you need when you need it. With a dedicated service team, you can email or call directly.

Telstra Adaptive Collaboration with Webex gives your team the telephony and meeting functions they need wherever they choose to work.

Easy and quick set up

Enabling you to be up and running in minutes.

[Text on screen] Introducing the Telstra Adaptive Collaboration Portal.

Adaptive collaboration is ideal for customers migrating from on premise

phone systems to the cloud, helping you to migrate at your own pace and maintain business continuity. The self-service management portal removes the complexity of managing users and devices, providing a central dashboard for all your needs. Create new users or migrate phone numbers in near real time. Once you click activate, they will be automatically

provisioned, ready for use. As your requirements change, you can easily scale users and features up or down. It's easy to choose devices to activate and configure handsets or IADs enabling you to add a fax machine or an analog phone, for example.

Via the portal, you can create and manage hunt groups to direct incoming calls to a group of users on your service. With the auto attendant feature, you can set up a menu as and when you need to greet incoming callers with a prerecorded message and route calls based on their keypad selection. The simple to use virtual business number scheduling tool helps you to ensure your incoming calls go to the right place before hours, after hours and during holidays. Direct calls from your main number to any number within your business, including voice mail and auto attendant, or even a group of employees via a hunt group.

Cloud telephony doesn't need to be complicated and you don't need to wait

weeks or even days for your changes to be active. Manage your existing users and services and even migrate users all within minutes with adaptive collaboration.

Visit our website for more information or contact your account executive today.

[Text on screen]

Optimise your network and costs

Select the amount of voice line capacity you need.

Option to build your own solution

Choose from a variety of add-on features, hardware and additional services.

Better control of your services

Easily configure your services for users, phone and numbers without depending on external schedules.

Flexibility to deploy where you choose

With an access agnostic solution.

How it works

A fully-managed link into Microsoft 365

We provide a fully managed link directly into Microsoft 365, so all you need is adequate internet access. There's no need for complex technology roll outs. Each user is allocated a phone number associated with their Microsoft 365 client. You can choose to migrate or port your existing landline numbers, or allocate new ones via the Management portal.

Frequently asked questions

A simple, flexible all-in-one cloud calling and collaboration solution that adapts with your business.

Telstra Cloud Calling services need to be activated on a new billing account.

To reward your loyalty, for each eligible Adaptive Collaboration service that you activate, we’ll automatically bank 5% of the net monthly subscription fee and call charges into your Telstra Enterprise Plus Fund for every month that your service remains active. You can then use these funds to help offset the cost of any eligible hardware purchases.


Telstra Cloud Calling support

Get help and support for your services with our self-service portals, guide and more information to help manage your Telstra Cloud Calling solution.


Why Telstra

A suite of leading technology in one place

Transform your people and workplace with a full suite of integrated collaboration, cloud and connectivity solutions from our experts and leading technology vendors.

A range of scalable solutions to meet your needs

Choose the right solution for your unique needs from a variety of devices, plans, managed services and more – all available on our local, national and global networks.

One partner for all your mobility needs

Make managing your IT easy with partners and networks, and the expertise and tools to help you achieve your goals, all in one place.

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Getting started

  1. Step 1: We complete the sales order

  2. Step 2: You configure in the portal

  3. Step 3: You use and manage

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