Cyber Detection and Response - Endpoint

How confident are you that the myriad of devices accessing your corporate network are not compromising security?

More remote users, devices and data make endpoints an easy target. In fact, 70% of cyberbreaches originate at the endpoint.

Telstra’s Cyber Detection and Response - Endpoint is a fully managed monitoring service that helps protect your data assets and business operations from malware and ransomware across your endpoints 24x7, whilst providing response and remediation capabilities on your behalf.

Importantly, it doesn’t just issue notifications. Instead it helps remediate and remove the threat. 

Key features

Managed detection and response service

Utilises Microsoft Defender for Endpoint or Crowdstrike Falcon Insight

Manual remediation

Custom policy enforcement to help neutralise sophisticated threats utilising ‘living off the land’ techniques

Continuous policy adaption

Evolve and rewrite policies as your needs change

Replace legacy anti-virus

Helps automatically block detected malware with expert human oversight

Real time response

Manually interacts with endpoints to push custom scripts or extract forensic data

Root cause analysis

Remote investigation of all positively identified malicious activity

Continuous false positive reduction

Minimises alerts to the ones that count

Initial Policy Consultation

Let our experts evaluate your security environment now, and where it needs to be

Threat hunting

Deploy analytics to help identify activity that might bypass traditional detection methods


Helps defend against increasingly frequent and sophisticated cyber attacks

Analysts monitor your endpoint security posture 24/7 and respond to incidents.

Expands your cybersecurity capabilities via a 24/7 managed monitoring service

The solution leverages expertise and resources that are not readily available to many organisations

Provides the support of world-class security expertise

Telstra Cyber Detection and Response Endpoint isn’t simply a reactive solution responding to threats as they appear: it combines cutting edge technology with an elite team of security analysts to extend your existing technologies and team

Why Telstra

Comprehensive security solutions

From denial-of-service protection, managed firewall, and internet protection, we have a range of solutions to help keep your organisation secure.

Keep your security tools up-to-date

We invest in security innovation to bring you new platforms for rapid, automated security alerts and management.

Simplifying security management

We make securing your business easy with a bundled range of products, licenses and service features in a range of flexible commercial offerings, so you get the security you want at the right price.