Telstra Secure Web and Secure Email

Email and web protection for your business

Combining advanced tools from leading security technology providers, and some of the latest local and global threat intelligence, we can help you improve visibility, control, and protection across your web and email infrastructure.

Key features

We know it is vital for your business to protect critical information, as well as the financial integrity and reputation of your organisation, from increasingly sophisticated and frequent malware, phishing, and ransomware attacks. That’s why Telstra Secure Web and Secure Email solutions can give you proactive, cloud-delivered tools to help you defend against detected forms of malware and ransomware, with consistent web filtering and access policies to help secure office and remote-based staff.

Flexible web security options

Deep inspection and controls help you with compliance of acceptable web use policies and get protection against known threats that you can adopt incrementally, at your own pace.

Improve email management

Boost your organisational control with our centralised policy management portal for rule creation and enforcement, as well as access to detailed activity reports for improved insight.

Integrate with your existing technology

Provides an extra layer of security by seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Office 365, so detected threats can be tackled in the cloud before they get to your organisation’s perimeter.

Comprehensive protection

Use Telstra Secure Email to help block detected phishing, malware, ransomware, impersonation attacks, viruses, spam, and email denial of service.

Protection from targeted phishing

Use the service to help protect your key information with an advanced phishing and C-level impersonation filter to help detect and quarantine suspicious emails.

Enterprise-grade web security

Unlock some of the highest levels of protection and control with advanced internet and network security functions like layer 7 Firewall with IPS, DLP, and more.

Policy control

We offer consistent security policies that you can use for your staff, enforcing global security changes in near-real time via a secure online portal.

Remote User Protection

Apply consistent web security measures across your workforce, even if working offsite.

Improved insight

We provide visibility into Internet activity across protected devices and ports, even when users are off the corporate network.

Are your credentials already in cyber criminals’ hands?

Are you an Australian Telstra Customer? You may be eligible for a complimentary Leaked Credential Assessment to stress-test your company’s security posture. Available once per customer if redeemed by 30 June 2023.



Easy to deploy and manage. Telstra add-ons include professional and managed service support if required. Policy management is centralised for better security practices, in line with your own company policies.


Pay only for what you need. Choose to purchase individual Secure Web and/or Secure Email seats on a “per month, per user” basis, available on 12-, 24-, or 36-month contract terms.


Intuitive and easy-to-use portal providing a single pane of glass to view policies, generate reports and help make changes easily.


Get access to enterprise-grade Email Security Gateway, DNS-based Web Security, and Secure Internet Gateway technologies at an affordable, flexible price point.


Help protect with some of the latest Local and Global threat intelligence. Highly available security with a dedicated local 24/7 technical helpdesk.


All email data is stored in Australia. Secure Web and Secure Email services help you enhance your organisation’s Security Maturity Model which can contribute towards your activities to meet a range of industry-specific security guidelines, compliance, and regulation requirements.

Built for SASE Adoption

Cloud-delivered security as a foundational element in your SASE strategy and SD-WAN adoption.

Explore our web and email security solutions

Telstra Secure Web and Secure Email can help you through proactive, network-based scanning to help defend against detected forms of malware and ransomware, including zero-day.

Telstra Secure Email

Help secure your employees’ inbound email from known malware, ransomware, phishing, virus, and spam. Your organisation’s outbound email will be protected with Data Loss Prevention, Encryption and prevention for bulk spamming should your devices be infected.

Telstra Secure Email can also help detect advanced known threats such as spear phishing, whaling, typo domain, and spoofing attacks. The solution also helps identify unacceptable content, enforce corporate email policies, offers email archiving capability and improves email continuity to help reduce the loss of information in the event of outages.

Telstra Secure Web

Help protect your employees working in the office or offsite and improve compliance with company or departmental acceptable-use web policies. Telstra Secure Web helps prevent staff from accessing malicious or inappropriate content and can help reduces network congestion and bandwidth costs associated with unwanted traffic.

Cybersecurity is evolving toward a SASE future. By consolidating formerly disparate features like secure web gateway, cloud-delivered firewall, cloud access security broker, and DNS security into one cloud-based architecture, we can help you streamline your web security service to assist you to improve your business security resiliency.

Case studies

Securing critical business information

See how we worked with the Forestry Corporation of NSW to support data protection and sustain productivity across email and internet security.


Why Telstra


Telstra has been helping businesses manage risk and protect data for decades, while we have been protecting our own network for even longer.

Simplifying security management

We make securing your business easy with a bundled range of products, licences, and service features in a range of flexible commercial offerings, so you get the security you want at the right price.

Comprehensive security solutions

From denial-of-service protection to managed firewalls, and internet protection, we have a range of solutions to help keep your organisation secure.

Getting started

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