Enterprise Trade-In

Maximise the value of your older devices - Simple, secure & sustainable

Get paid for keeping your older devices out of landfill

The Telstra Enterprise Trade-In program, managed by Assurant, allows organisations with an​ ABN to trade in their older devices for money or Telstra credit. The program ensures secure​ data erasure in compliance with the highest standards and promotes environmental​ sustainability by responsibly reusing or recycling your devices.

Maximise device value

Transform the value of your older devices into benefits. Opt to have the funds credited to your Telstra account or receive the amount directly in your bank account.

Secured data erasure

All data is erased in accordance with NIST Special Publication 800-88 Data Sanitation Standard, and Assurant will issue a certificate of erasure on completion.

Keep your devices out of landfill

All devices are reused or recycled responsibly by Assurant. A recycling summary certificate and environmental benefits report is provided to measure the impact of your trade-in.

What can I trade in?





We can also help you trade in various other​ devices. Please contact us to discuss your options.

How it works

  1. Find the value of your devices

  2. Send devices back for free

  3. Accept the offer and get paid

Contact an Assurant trade-in specialist for more information

Telstra has partnered with Assurant.

Assurant is an independent partner organisation that specialises in device management solutions and delivers this service worldwide.

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Frequently asked questions

Program Overview

The program includes device collection, device assessment and valuation, secure data deletion in line with NIST standards, detailed reporting, and recycling for devices at the end of their lifecycle. Assurant also offers a valuation so you can unlock the value of your unused devices.

The Enterprise Trade-In program is managed by Assurant Inc. Assurant is an independent partner that specialises in device management solutions and delivers this service worldwide.

Any Telstra Enterprise and Government customers based in Australia are eligible to participate in the Enterprise Trade-In program. If you are a consumer or small business customer, you can still trade in up to 10 devices here.

Not at this time. The program is only open to Telstra Enterprise & Government customers.

Not at this time. The program is only available in Australia.

Trade-In Process

Just let Assurant know if you need secure packaging or if you have your own. They'll send you shipping labels and organise a courier to come and collect your devices at a time that suits you.

Assurant can supply you with secure packaging to ensure devices are protected during shipping. Alternatively, you can use your own packaging if you prefer. Your trade-In specialist can help you choose the most appropriate method to suit your needs.

Assurant will respond to you within 1 business day of contact. Once Assurant receive your returned devices, they will assess and provide a valuation within 10 business days. Most customer will receive funds via their chosen method within 4 weeks of first contact.

Use Assurant's value estimate tool to get the most up-to-date estimate of your device's current trade-in value.

There are a few different ways you can get started. Complete Assurant’s online Trade-In application form, call Assurant on 1300 013 300, or send an email to Enterprise.Services@Assurant.com. Alternatively your Telstra Sales Specialist/Client Partner can help get things started for you.

A dedicated Assurant trade-In Specialist will guide you through the process, and can help select the right options to meet your organisational needs.

Yes, as long as the payment hasn't been finalised. If you wish to cancel, your Trade-In Specialist can assist.

Device Eligibility & Valuation

You can trade-in devices such as smartphones, tablets and wearables. To check if a specific device is eligible, please use Assurant value estimate toolAssurant’s trade-In specialists can help you with any other questions relating to device eligibility.

The minimum number of devices Assurant can accept is 10. There is no maximum. If you have less than 10 devices & qualify as a Telstra Enterprise or Government customer, please contact Assurant to discuss your options.

Assurant’s trade-in specialists will identify any Activation and/or MDM locked devices in the initial assessment and work with you to unlock these devices. Any devices able to be unlocked will then be re-assessed to confirm the relevant trade in value. Devices that are unable to be unlocked will not have a trade-in value, but can still be securely recycled. This may incur a $10 (excl GST) per device processing fee. All fees are subject to prior discussion and agreement with you. 

You can check individual device estimates through Assurant’s value estimate tool. Alternatively, Assurant’s trade-in specialists can provide an indicative estimate of your device’s maximum trade-in value.

Your devices will be assessed by Assurant and categorised as either good, fair, poor or recycle. Aspects such as whether the device powers on and the physical condition will determine the grade for each device. Assurant will provide you with a detailed device condition & functionality report for you to approve before the valuation is finalised.

Yes, the final trade-in value may change based on the condition of the device once inspected. If this does happen, Assurant will contact you with a revised quote for approval before your trade-in is finalised. You can accept the new value or request your devices are returned to you.

Yes, however this may affect the trade-in value. Any changes to the trade-in value will be detailed in a Device Condition & Functionality report that will be sent to you for approval before the valuation is finalised.

Yes, we can provide an estimated range of potential trade-in values for devices over 12, 24, and 36 months.

All pricing will be reviewed within three months of the trade-in to ensure you receive the best value for your devices.

Payment & Funding Options

You have flexibility in how you’d like to receive your funds. Assurant can arrange to credit your Telstra account or deposit directly into your organisation’s bank account.

Credits to your Telstra account typically appear within 1-2 billing cycles. Direct bank transfers typically take five business days from when you accept your trade-in quote. Your trade-In specialist will keep you updated throughout this process.

Devices with a trade-in value incur no fees. For devices that are unable to be unlocked or at the end of their lifecycle, and you wish to have data securely erased before recycling, a $10 excl. GST processing fee may apply. All fees are subject to prior discussion and agreement with you.


For program-related support, reach out to Assurant's specialised team at 1300 013 300 or Enterprise.Services@assurant.com. Support is available weekdays from 9am to 5pm. Alternatively, consult your Telstra Sales Specialist or Client Partner. 

Security & Reporting

Yes. Every device is subjected to data erasure in compliance with NIST 800-88 standards. Assurant will also provide you with a certificate confirming the secure and complete data deletion.

At the end of the trade-in process, you'll receive a comprehensive report detailing trade-in values, SKUs, device grades, and other key metrics. Assurant will also provide data destruction certificates and payment remittance details for your records.

Devices will be refurbished and resold, as long as they still have value. Any unusable devices are responsibly recycled through our e-Cycle partner, Mobile Muster. Assurant will also send you a recycling summary certificate and an environmental benefits report. 

To complete your trade-in, we need to capture a range of information about your company, your Telstra account and your devices.

Customer information will only be used to complete the trade-in order. 

All customer data is housed on a secure platform within the Australian Eastern Region.

Things you need to know

The Trade-In program is managed by Assurant Inc. In order to participate in the program, you will need to agree to Assurant’s terms and conditions, and be an existing Telstra Enterprise or Government customer trading in at least 10 eligible devices.