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At Telstra, we offer a collaborative approach which leverages our world-class technology and unrivalled network performance, along with advanced security and deep analytics. You’ll be able to achieve far-reaching operational efficiencies, and greatly enhance your business results.


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Simplify and improve operations

Intelligent Water Management (IWM) has been purpose built to enhance water utility management now and into the future. It connects sensors to your distribution infrastructure to detect leaks, assess water quality, and monitor water flows and assets.

Sophisticated analytics and alerting help improve the way you monitor and manage your water network. With more insight and control, you can increase revenue, enhance operational efficiency and make better strategic decisions.

IWM gives you the assurance of an end-to-end service. We deliver the service from the secure Telstra cloud across our high performance networks, and provide service desk support. 

 ✔  Leak detection

 ✔  Flow assessment

 ✔  Water quality assessment

 ✔  Asset management

 ✔  Data and analytics

 ✔  Fully managed service


How IWM works

Intelligent Water Network is an end-to-end management system purpose built for water utilities

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We provide a complete service leveraging technology from leading vendors, our high performance networks, cloud assets and industry expertise.


Extensive range of sensor varieties to detect leaks and assess water health.

High security and reliability through fault detection, robust security checks, data encryption and VPN access.

Scalable and future-ready design through the use of IoT (Internet of Things) technology.


Support provided through designated service desks with a choice of service levels and Professional Services.

Dynamically create and customise reports using sophisticated analytics.


Delivered from the secure Telstra cloud leveraging the reach, capacity and reliability of our networks.


Manage financial losses
Minimise financial losses from non-revenue water (NRW) and liability costs through reducing the chances of environmental damage such as sinkholes and washouts.


Increase business intelligence
Increase business intelligence through benchmarking of historical results and continuous network insight. Leverage the user-friendly dashboards as a strategic decision making support tool.


Accurate forecasts
Accurate forecasts, minimising wastage and enhance conservation initiatives through a greater understanding of flow, usage and demands and trends.


Elevate public confidence
Elevate public confidence and water safety through simultaneous assessment of water quality – reduce inefficient, random sampling and lab testing procedures.


Detect anomilies
Easily and quickly detect anomalies in the network with alerts sent via SMS or email, to minimise disruptions and respond to problems such as blocked pipes.


Future-proofed network
Future-proofed network through the use of IoT technology, allowing for continuous development and scalability


Potential business outcomes

Optimise asset management

  • Reduce non-revenue water leakage
  • Increase asset life – maintain optimum pressure ensuring minimal pipe strain
  • Early identification of blockages and network defects and water quality variations 
  • Minimise unplanned repairs, community disruptions and environmental damage

Improve operational efficiency

  • Improve demand management
  • Streamline workflows through automation, integrated monitoring and control
  • Receive alerts and notifications for swift incident resolution 
  • A complete service from one touch point – no need for multiple suppliers

Gain strategic insight

  • Complete network transparency to enable more informed decisions
  • Near real time data and analytics to forecast accurately and enhance services
  • Get future-ready using IoT technology to deploy new functions and scale as needed
  • Benchmark performance against history reports to compare and track operations 

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