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Digital disruption is impacting all sectors and industries across Australia. Approximately 80% of Australian enterprises report to being impacted
by a digital revolution.

While the level of digital maturity varies by company, technology is the common denominator. Workplace transformation is a means to an end. It’s a way for organisations to function more effectively and to meet new challenges in running a more digital business.

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Key Insights

HR Cultural Transformation Part 1

Human Resources departments are undergoing enormous transformation. We commissioned the survey of 200 HR Directors to understand what the key challenges and insights are for your workforce transformation.

The top challenges include the recruitment, utilisation and retention of top talent, building leadership at all levels and improving employee satisfaction and engagement.

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HR Cultural Transformation Part 2

Digital disruption has reached the HR department, demanding new ways of thinking to tackle complex problems and drive cultural transformation. Discover how HR executives are feeding technological change into their management strategies - and getting better outcomes.

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Human Resources

Rethinking HR for the Digital Workplace

New technologies and mobility are changing the way businesses operate, and the role of HR is being transformed. So how is technology shaping today’s HR agenda – and where do we go from here?

Workplace transformation for driving engagement and change

Support from management is vital to generate employee buy-in and engagement in workplace transformation. Seamless transitions between office and home IT environments is also important.

Employee engagement that drives results for your bottom line

Discover how future-focused organisations are using employee engagement and workforce mobility to improve their bottom line.

The role of HR in managing cybersecurity

While people are the greatest asset to an organisation, they can also be the greatest threat and single largest point of vulnerability when it comes to information security.

Social collaboration platforms

Social collaboration has the potential to radically modify traditional communications by improving an organisation’s ability to search for, discover, and promote content, and knowledge.

Why HR professionals are pivotal in workplace transformation

The shortage of skilled labour coupled with the pace of change in business, expectations of a multi-generational workforce and urbanisation will have wide-reaching implications for HR professionals.

How to leverage SoCoMo to enable the future workforce

Companies can achieve a more engaged workforce and happier customers by leveraging SoCoMo (social, collaborative, mobile) technologies. However, a major change in work culture may be necessary.

Developing the smarts to capitalise on big data

Once you have the right employee, the challenge is keeping them. Companies can now apply big data to talent management, but the challenge for HR leaders is both accessing and making use of that data.

Mobile technology for recruitment and retention

37% of HR professionals are investing heavily in mobile technology. Discover how the use of mobility can attract and retain employees as well as encourage collaboration and engagement.

Human Resources Quest for Cultural Change in the Digital Workplace

Human Resources are on a quest to drive widespread cultural transformation.  This report considers HR’s role in driving cultural change. Are they going at it alone? What does success look like? Is it something that can be measured and if so, what are some of the metrics used today?

Enabling HR to be your new champion of change

In a world where increasingly diverse workforces can be mobile, office-based or both, HR requires proper investment, data and technical transformation to enable modern workforces to drive us forward.

Can smart chatbots humanise HR?

AI-infused chatbots are able to understand, put into context, make inferences and then propose successful outcomes. Learn about the benefits and potential pitfalls of using chatbots in HR.

Facilities Management Executives are facing a time of significant change. Telstra commissioned the survey of 200 Facilities Executives and discovered that the industry is under continuous pressure to deliver on sometimes conflicting initiatives and is typically pulled in multiple directions at once. The requirement to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction competes fiercely with compliance, cost and supplier management.

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Facilities and Property

What facilities management needs most for transformation

Facilities management need to ensure that people are at the centre of any transformation strategy and organisations need to remain agile, flexible and adaptable.

Digital transformation and the smart building

Business suppliers are initiating their own digital transformation when they install expensive building systems. And smart facilities manager need to take stock of these new types of systems.

Getting the measure of collaboration

Find out how you can understand exactly how your collaboration tools and platforms are being used in your business today.

Collaboration tools and wireless connectivity

IT staff are tasked with ensuring that the necessary collaboration tools are in place to meet employee needs, but it’s the facility managers that must provide the infrastructure to support this new model.

Opportunities for in-building Internet of Things deployment

Significant opportunities exist for businesses and their service providers when leveraging IoT inside a building, and there are a range of connectivity options to explore.

Empowering employee innovation

The competitive mobility landscape has intensified with only the fastest and smartest thriving. New Telstra/Ovum research reveals the approaches being taken across the Asia Pacific region.

CIOs can help drive workplace transformation

Workplace transformation is alive and well, and IT departments are struggling to deliver infrastructure that’s agile, and supports remote and mobile workers.
Over half of the CIOs surveyed reported that they haven’t considered or aren’t undertaking any projects in workplace transformation. Lines of business disagree as 75% of human resources and facilities management are considering or actively engaged in workplace transformation.

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How Mobility is driving change

Mobility leaders are under pressure to better engage customers via the latest technology frameworks, and some of the top investments for 2017 will be in the Internet of Things (IoT). Discover how the link between customer experience and employee engagement is driving business outcomes.


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The Flip Side of IoT: Why some of us are not investing

IoT is being touted as one of the biggest drivers of change, but not everyone is putting their money where their mouth is. Find out why some companies are choosing not to invest in IoT - and why some who chose to, have abandoned it.

Connecting with the CIO to drive change

Successful workplace transformation requires both financial and operational investment. To do this, IT managers need to communicate with other levels of business to present the right business case.

Enterprise mobility

Transform your business with our mobile apps, management tools and products which allow you to connect with remote and mobile staff.

Future Ways of Working

To support your FWOW journey, we offer consulting services around assessment, business strategy and planning, and behavioural measurement.


Your people need to communicate with each other and you need those interactions to be richer and more productive. Whatever your business or situation, our solutions can improve the way you work and collaborate.

Workforce mobility in a hyper-competitive world

Big shifts in technology, urbanisation, and demography are dramatically shaping Australian industries. Learn about the role of HR in helping your company adapt your workforce, workplace, and workstyles to these macro-economic forces.

Business without borders

What works for your business today, may not work so well tomorrow. Discover the latest trends that are shaping the way we’ll work tomorrow and key considerations for transforming your business.

Investing in mobile customer engagement tops the list in 2017

The debate about whether to invest in enterprise mobility is over; it’s now an established part of the big business IT toolbox. The big question now is, how do we push mobile technology to keep enhancing customer engagement and improving their experience?

Managed Mobility: Do Platforms and Services Meet Business Requirements?

The needs of businesses continue to evolve as mobility becomes increasingly entrenched in business processes and IT systems. Learn what the current requirements for managed mobility are and how service providers and platform vendors are enhancing their services and software to accommodate these new requirements.

Thriving in the era of digital disruption with mobility

Mobility is often overlooked as a key technology for digital transformation. Yet mobility technologies can enable businesses’ digital transformation initiatives, internally and externally.

Maximising productivity through flexibility

We’re maximising productivity through flexibility and increased adoption of technology.

Empowered with opportunities to increase productivity

Our employees can choose their own time and workspace, which improves collaboration and wellbeing.


Data Driven Marketing and the Customer Experience

Two things are crucial in the drive to go ‘digital’; understanding our customers better, and automating different systems across multiple devices and channels. Find out how achieving a truly integrated customer experience delivers a richer outcome for all.


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Using Digital Technologies to Deliver Personalised Customer Experience

Australian businesses are in the midst of transforming their businesses with digital platforms, however it is often not just about having the technology. What is the role of digital technology in achieving better customer experience and how should companies be measuring success?

Developing a Deep Understanding for the Markets you Serve

Once an organisation has made the decision to become a digital business, the first starting point is often improving customer engagement. This report considers some of common challenges businesses face and provides recommendations for how best to deliver data driven marketing.

Contact centres still have an important role in a digitised customer world

Customers now expect to choose how and when they engage with a brand. For businesses, this means pushing hard into digital and developing an ‘omnichannel’ strategy that delivers a truly personalised customer experience. So how can the humble contact centre contribute to this digital dominion?

Modernising an outdated marketing organisation

Digital disruption has created major challenges for marketers. Understand the role of analytics in customer engagement strategies, and other considerations in creating a modern marketing organisation.

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