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  • Disparate information across the organisation
  • Manual paper-based processes and workflows
  • Slow productivity across a dispersed and mobile workers
  • Online subscriptions -software as a service
  • Cloud consultancy to determine business needs
  • Hybrid cloud: Telstra Public Cloud for on-demand services and virtualised desktops
  • Streamlined procurement and finance
  • Improve infrastructure capacity
  • Innovation nurturing
  • Flexible working

High volumes of disparate information across the organisation and manual paper-based repetitive processes can cause headaches and delays in communication between team members, suppliers and stakeholders.

Digitise manual processes and improve productivity and collaboration with online tools from the Telstra Apps Marketplace. Get fast access to tools that streamline and automate workflows, be it invoicing in finance, order processing in procurement or inventory management and warehouse logistics.



Improve efficiency and productivity

DocuSign manages digital signatures required for contract approvals, enabling fast approval and secure storage of documents.

Save time with document templates, extend contract visibility and access to external suppliers, and remove unnecessary manual steps. Stop using outdated paper forms and say goodbye to repetitive data entry.  


Enhance collaboration

Box enables file sharing with vendors and external consultants. Teams can capture, retrieve and share information in real time for faster turnaround times and simple sharing of information on the go.


Real-time decision making

Make better decisions and solve problems quicker with real-time business information and reporting, ultimately improving profitability and shareholder value.

Making It Happen


Digitised signature capture for vendors and contractors.


Secure sharing and storing of files for increased productivity.

Virtualise your IT for rapid scalability while ensuring that mission-critical procurement systems are hosted and accessed securely and according to industry regulations. Telstra’s Cloud Consulting team can find the best cloud to suit the workload.



Meet fluctuating demand

Public cloud offers the capacity to handle fluctuations of traffic in peak periods, and shifts the business to an operating expense model through predictable plans with greater cost controls.


Create IT business services

Create new internal IT business services to better support teams within your organisation and achieve business outcomes faster.


Upskill internal resources

Simplify your IT management to free up internal resources. Enhance the skills of your IT team to create new services and value.

Making It Happen

Telstra Cloud Infrastructure

Run applications and store data on secure computing resources hosted in our data centres across Australia and abroad.

IBM Cloud

Access pre-configured shared or dedicated servers in the cloud, or you can customise from the ground up.

VMware vCloud Air

Meet workload demand fluctuations and extend into hybrid environment.

Next IP network

Integrated into Telstra’s dynamic network for secure and reliable access to data.

Extend the use of public cloud to virtualised desktops and do away with the challenges of supporting a remote and mobile workforce and the lag time of on-boarding contractors.



New work practices

Embrace new ways of working with virtual desktop, empowering remote and mobile workers across the globe with easy access to a variety of desktop applications and business data through a web browser or any compatible device.


Meet fluctuating demand for resources

Increase productivity of contractors through faster on-boarding and sharing information in real time.


Fast application performance

Telstra’s dynamic reliable network ensures your users have secure access to their virtual desktop and fast, consistent and scalable application performance wherever they are connected, backed by service level agreements and Quality of Service from a single provider.

Making It Happen

VMware vCloud Air

Meet workload demand fluctuations and extend into hybrid environment.

Next IP network

Integrated into Telstra’s dynamic network for secure and reliable access to data.

Why Telstra



World-class partners, constantly innovating platforms and no vendor lock-in.



Single point of contact, end-to-end security, management and SLAs and control across hybrid environments.



Benefit from our expertise, global footprint and single network.

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