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Engage more effectively with your customers using solutions designed around digitisation and personalisation.

Taking customer interactions to the cloud gives your organisation a competitive advantage. On-demand and scalable infrastructure means you have the IT capacity to offer a great customer experience.

You can focus your efforts on building a high value interaction with your customers without worrying about data centre management or being restricted by the physical constraints of your data centre.




Omni-channel customer strategy

Offer customers a simple self-serve experience whether in- store, at a kiosk or out and about on a connected device, by creating a single customer interface on a public cloud that links to data on your secure private cloud.


Increased customer retention and loyalty

Better user experience leads to greater online engagement, improved customer service and increased transactions, impacting positively on the bottom line. Telstra’s dynamic scalable network ensures fast and consistent access.


Better order accuracy

Process queries and transactions efficiently through a self-service portal, freeing up internal resources. With new capabilities to rapidly create new ideas, you can continuously innovate and develop apps to give customers access to products, services and information 24/7.

Making it happen

IBM Cloud

Create new applications on IBM Cloud. Highly configurable components and advanced services on demand. 

VCE Vblock Systems

Secure mission-critical data on your premises or in our data centre.

Next IP network

Dynamic and robust network for fast application performance.

Stay competitive with a secure and protected environment that keeps pace with growth.  

Need to keep your data secure but your existing infrastructure can’t support new web-scale applications or accommodate growing capacity? Go hybrid.

With Hybrid Cloud, you can exploit the benefits of both public and private cloud. Secure and protect customer data by storing it at rest in a Private Cloud, but transact via a scalable customer web interface on a web-scale public cloud. Allowing you to efficiently rise to the demands of your customers. Transacted data is kept safe via encryption.




Stay agile

Subscribe to public cloud for on-demand test and development infrastructure at hand. Rapidly provide test environments when required, and switch off when no longer required. You have the flexibility to scale-up to support new digital touch-points with predictable costs, and connectivity over Telstra’s network.


Free up resources

Rapidly deploy pre-integrated and tested infrastructure and simplify your IT management, doing away with manual tasks such as augmenting infrastructure capacity to free up internal resource, reduce operating costs and achieving business outcomes faster with solution automation.


Meet privacy regulations

To comply with strict data privacy requirements, you can choose to deploy Vblock as a managed service or keep management in-house. Get the flexibility of a CAPEX or OPEX operating model, freeing up internal resources to focus on new initiatives to support innovation.

Making It Happen

Cisco Cloud Services

Create a scalable public-facing portal on Cisco Cloud Services.

IBM Cloud

Create a scalable public-facing portal on IBM Cloud.

Vblock Systems

Secure your data in the private cloud that best suits your needs.

Professional Services

We can help you plan, design, transition or improve your cloud solution.

Today’s businesses want to become more nimble, develop products faster and reduce delivery cycles to market.

Without the right tools, they face long innovation cycles hampering efforts to be agile, leading to lack of differentiation in the market, irrelevance with customers and lagging behind competitors.

Harnessing the latest technologies on cloud allows you to continually build, test and launch digital services and applications in real time.




Meet customer needs

Keep pace with customer needs as they evolve, creating more adaptable customer service processes and targeted campaigns as you gather business intelligence and customer insights to build stronger links.


Nurture innovation

Rapidly deploy new products and services to market, and stay ahead of your competition by providing your DevOps teams with access to OpenStack compute to improve efficiency and drive innovation.


Create new revenue streams

With constant innovation, you have the potential to identify new revenue streams and sources of competitive advantage, and use disruptive technology to be the disrupter, not the disrupted.

Making It Happen

Private cloud

Secure your data in the private cloud that best suits your needs. Choose from converged infrastructure on-premise, or one of our secure datacentres.

IBM Cloud

Create new applications and secure mission critical workloads on IBM Cloud.

Cisco Cloud Services

Create new applications on Cisco Cloud Services. 

Next IP Network

Integrated into Telstra’s dynamic network for secure and reliable access to data.

Overcome capability limitations of legacy backup and disaster recovery systems with a scalable cloud solution that helps protect your business. Safeguard your data with cloud backup, disaster recovery and storage managed from a single provider, with only one port of call during a disaster.




Ensuring Business Continuity

We offer professional services consulting for business continuity plans to deploy cloud backups, create failover systems and implement industry leading disaster recovery solutions.


Keep your data safe and sound

Keep your business protected across all your IT systems, with an integrated backup and disaster recovery solution to ensure vital customer services, data and mission critical applications are backed up and available when you need them.


Leverage affordable storage

Take advantage of an Object storage-enabled public cloud for affordable long-term data retention.

Making It Happen

Managed Backup

Store data in a secure enterprise-grade data centre.

vCloud Air Disaster Recovery

Protect existing virtual machines with resizable and reliable infrastructure.

Cisco Cloud Services

Hybrid Disaster Recovery

Flexible and affordable disaster recovery-as-a-service in the cloud.

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Cisco Cloud Services

Object storage on Cisco Cloud Services for affordable data storage.

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