Media Release, 10 September 2019

Voice-activated calling with Telstra launches today

10 September 2019: Telstra today announced the introduction of Voice-activated calling with Telstra – a partnership with Google which allows customers to make voice activated calls on Google Nest (formerly known as Google Home) devices.*

Telstra is the first mobile carrier in the world to offer outbound calling on Google Home/Nest devices.

Telstra mobile customers will now be able to ask the Google Assistant to make mobile outbound calls from their Google Nest device (Mini, Home, Home Max and Hub), perfect for when they are multitasking, or if their Telstra mobile is out of reach.

This exclusive new feature allows eligible Telstra mobile customers to link up to 6 mobile services to their Google Nest device and synchronise mobile device contacts to their Google account to enable calls simply by calling a name. For example, a customer can use their voice to:

  • Call a contact name, for example, “Hey Google, call Mum”
  • Call a number
  • Call a business, for example, “Hey Google, call ABC Pizza”
  • Call Emergency, e.g. “Hey Google, call triple zero” (or alternatives including “Hey Google call Zero Zero Zero”)

Voice-activated calling with Telstra requires:

  • An active and compatible Telstra mobile service on a smartphone (pre-paid mobile services require credit)
  • A powered Google Home/Nest speaker or display, connected to an active Wi-Fi network
  • A Google/Gmail account and the Google Home Android or iOS App.  

Customers can activate the feature by linking their Telstra mobile number to a Google account through the Google Home iOS/Android app. Customers can also set up Google Voice Match** to personalise their contact list. Customers can teach the Google Assistant to recognise their voice with Voice Match, linking up to 6 people’s voices with Voice Match to a single device.

Exclusive to eligible Telstra mobile customers for 12 months, a progressive rollout of the service begins today and is free to setup, and calls are at no additional cost to their mobile plan. Data is required for a functioning Google Home/Nest device. Customers may be charged for data by their broadband provider in accordance with their broadband providers’ data plan.

Telstra Connected Devices and Accessories Principal, Steve Dance, said, “We’re delighted to be partnering with Google to bring this capability to Telstra customers.

“Voice technology is growing rapidly in Australia with smart speakers in over 1.35M Australian households, and two-thirds of Australian owners admitting to using their smart speaker daily.***

“The ability to make calls through Google Nest devices means people can stay connected in a number of scenarios, whether they just have their hands full with the kids and pets, their phone is out of reach, or the elderly and disabled where greater accessibility to technology is a requirement,” Mr Dance said.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Telstra to bring a new way for Telstra customers to make hands-free calls” says Aisling Finch, Director of Marketing, Google Australia and New Zealand. "Whether you’re cooking, have your hands full or your phone is out of reach, with a simple voice-command, this feature will make it easier for people to get things done and communicate with friends and family via a range of Google Nest devices."

For more information and further set-up instructions please visit:   



*Requires a compatible Telstra Mobile service and device with credit, a powered Google Home, mini or Nest device connected to an active Wi-Fi network and activation through iOS/Android app. Data charges may apply. Call charges will be in accordance with your Telstra mobile plan. To call E000, say “Hey Google, call Triple Zero". Liberate and Mobile Protect are incompatible. Business customers are excluded. Currently unavailable on Nest Hub Max - coming soon. Google Home, Mini or Nest: Requires a Wi-Fi network, a nearby electrical outlet and a compatible mobile device.

**Voice Match is a Google service that is used to identify individual voices. Setup is controlled using the Google Home app
Google, Google Home and related marks and logos are trademarks of Google Inc.

***Source: Smart Speaker Adoption Report March 2019 AUSTRALIA

Google, Google Home and related marks and logos are trademarks of Google Inc.




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