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Telstra Labs is a safe environment where we learn by doing, and can test, trial, experiment and explore.

Innovation is how we make things better

It’s how we push technology to be more human, turn big ideas into new realities, and glimpse into what the future could hold.

Who we are and what we do

What is Telstra Labs

Telstra Labs is a safe environment where we learn by doing, and can test, trial, experiment and explore. It’s home to our global startup accelerator. It’s a proven innovation capability. It’s where we dive into emerging technologies like mixed reality and the Internet of Things.

(Background music: electronic and upbeat.)

The words ‘Telstra Labs’ appear onscreen.

(A smiling young man in a green casual shirt and trousers jogs towards the camera. He reaches out with his left hand to steady the camera.)

“Who are we? We are problem solvers. So much so that we fall in love with problems to find out the very best solutions.”

(The young man walks back to his desk and laptop. The camera tilts down to reveal another young man wearing a white shirt sitting at his laptop, upside down. The camera slowly does a half circle, so the man is facing the right way up. He starts speaking.)

“But you can’t solve a tough problem without first embracing certainty. That’s why we think big, start small – and move fast. All to support Telstra’s strategy.”  

(The camera moves across the desk to settle on a woman wearing an orange jacket and glasses. She speaks.)

“We’re also collaborators. In here, it’s all about sharing ideas, connecting and experimenting with other innovative thinkers. Whether that’s internally, with our partners, or….”

(The camera pans quickly across the room to settle on a group of four TV screens. On the first and second screens, two young women speak, one after the other. On the bottom two screens, a young man and a woman standing in a wheat field, speak next.)

“…with our start-ups, universities and you often find us exactly where our customers are.”

(The camera whips back to the woman in the orange jacket who is walking behind a row of chairs in the Telstra Lab.)

“We’ll conduct experiments with many teams, then refine, test again, then keep tweaking until we’re happy that the problem is a really big one, well worth solving.”

(The woman makes a frame shape with her fingers close to the camera. The hands come away to reveal a new person - another young man, who’s wearing a grey shirt and black jacket.)

“But what’s truly unique about us is that we have the ability to prototype potential solutions – whether the solutions are hardware, software, new business models, or even, emerging technologies.”

(The camera tilts up again and lands on a young woman this time. She is walking through another lab set up.)

“From drones to AI, robotics to blockchain, mixed reality and 5G, the best thinkers in the business help our customers to implement all kinds of exciting ideas.”

(The camera pans across and we’re suddenly in a meeting room with a whiteboard. A guy with a beard, wearing a blue shirt is talking to camera. There are three people chatting in the background.)

“We think like entrepreneurs. Hey, you can have all the best tech in the world (and we do), but remember, without a really big problem to solve - one that your customers actually care about, you’re just spinning your wheels.”

(The camera tilts down and we’re back to the original young man in the green shirt from the beginning of the video. The camera tilts up to show him with his back to camera. He turns around to face us.)

“So, that’s Telstra Labs. It’s who we are, how we work, and where we all come together.”

(The young guy walks away from the camera towards a group of colleagues who are working out a problem together on a whiteboard in the lab.)

The words ‘Telstra Labs’ appear onscreen.



Our Internet Of Things Lab

Telstra Labs is home to Australia’s first publicly-accessible Internet of Things (IoT) Lab, designed to build a community around IoT product design. It’s an open environment which is recognised by GSMA; a trade body focussed on mobile operators worldwide.

The IoT Lab is a safe space. Product developers can test and prototype IoT solutions in controlled radio conditions. This means we can simulate devices moving in and out of coverage, transferring between cell connections, and transmitting in noisy environments. The result? You get to see how your device will perform in a variety of real-world situations without leaving the Lab.

It is the first lab of its kind in Australia and includes an open invitation for anyone from anywhere to build and test their ideas in the Open IoT Lab.

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