General - Our Customer Terms (Part A)

This part of the BigPond Services Section of Our Customer Terms contains the topics listed below. You can view this document in either PDF format (PDF, 359KB) or Word format (DOC, 198KB).

  • Acceptable use policy
  • Your obligations
  • Limits of the service
  • Charges for your service
  • Changing your plan
  • Termination
  • Our liability to you
  • Your liability to us
  • Changing these terms
  • ADSL & Cable broadband transmission facilities
  • Ownership and use of equipment
  • Maintenance
  • Software licences
  • Information (Ponderings)
  • Transferring your service
  • Taxes
  • Group Members
  • Group Administrators
  • Mail Limits
  • HiBIS, Broadband Connect and the Australian Broadband Guarantee
  • Miscellaneous
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