What does it all mean?

Telstra Smart Home service is being discontinued. To keep you up-to-date and provide great connectivity, occasionally we need to change older products and services. Your current smart home service, including any connected devices, will cease to work from 16 December 2020. We are working with Google to offer you an alternative smart home service; Google Nest.

As a personal customer, there are two options:

Option 1

Build your helpful home with Google Nest

If you would like to move any eligible Telstra Smart Home products and services to Google Nest, we can help you do so free of charge. Your current products will be replaced by, for example a Google Nest Hub, a Nest Cam Indoor, or Nest Cam Outdoor. Fill out the online application below to receive your replacement products and services. If you select this option, your eligible Telstra Smart Home products will be replaced as described in the email you received. Your new devices will be dispatched from 25 November.

You won't receive replacements for your existing products that will continue to work with Google Nest. You may receive a Telstra refund where there is not a suitable replacement.

After signing up to Google Home please note that all your further messages and communication will come from the Google Nest team.

Option 2

End my smart home service

If you choose not to move to Google Nest, you don't have to do anything. You'll receive a refund for your eligible smart home devices. Please refer to the email we sent you for your refund amount.

Anything else you’re thinking about?

When you decide to move to Google Nest or end your services we only ask that you let us know what you would like to do before 16 December 2020. At that point your smart home service won’t be connected anymore.

If you have any more questions, please read our FAQs below.

Smart Home FAQs

Device information

Moving to Google Nest

Ending my Telstra Smart Home service