This is an overview of your bill:

Screenshot of the first page of your Telstra bill with numbers next to corresponding sections

  1. Summary: Shows a snapshot of your bill. It lists the sub total for each service and at the bottom, you'll find the overall total. If there's any outstanding amount, it's also listed here.

  2. Due date: This is the due date of your bill.

  3. Contact us: If you have any questions about your bill, our contact details are shown here.

  4. Payment options: This section lists the different ways you can pay your bill including Direct Debit, BPAY®, by mail or at a Telstra store, by credit card, and by BPAY. Find out more about how you can pay your bill

  5. Services: Each service has an icon and a different colour. You can match these with information on the following pages, and see which charges relate to which service. 

Watch our video on How to understand billing charges.

This section is your bill summary. Here you'll find your bill history in the form of a bar chart. Below it are charges and credits which are applicable to your account.

Screenshot of the second page of your Telstra bill with numbers next to corresponding sections

  1. Service details: This is the phone number these charges relate to

  2. Plan details: This lists the plan name or package details your service is connected to

  3. Plan description: This section may include information about the value or benefit you are receiving from your Telstra package or plan

  4. Plan charges that are outside of your plan (where appropriate): A summary of charges you've incurred by using features or services not included in your plan

  5. Discounts: This shows a summary of the discounts that your Mobile service provides for you

  6. Bill total: This column shows the sub-totals and the overall total of your bill

Watch our video on How to understand billing charges.


If you've chosen to receive a detailed bill rather than a summary bill, your bill gives you an itemised account of all your recent activity over multiple pages. It displays itemised phone calls, SMS charges and data usage for the month. Your bill charges are also itemised on your online bill.

This is what a detailed bill looks like:

Screenshot of a Telstra bill displaying the details of the bill charges

This section displays details of your plan or package including itemised charges. Internet charges are not shown in this section.

You’ll find more information about your detailed bill by viewing the video below. Simply choose the section of the bill you’re most interested in.

Watch our video on How to understand billing charges.

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