Cyber security report - 2024

Cyber security and your business

Insights to help you review your cyber security strategy and help you protect your business and customers.

What will I learn?

Customers’ cyber security views

Get insight into your customers’ attitudes to cyber security and what they expect from you.

Benchmark your business

Compare your business to others and learn how they tackle cyber security concerns.

Cyber security protections

Discover cyber security protections you can consider for your business.

Importance of training staff

Consider if your staff understand threats and how to keep data secure.

How will my business benefit?

A cyber security breach could have significant impacts on your business operations and reputation. Meeting customer expectations around security is increasingly important for businesses of all sizes.

Download the Cyber Security and Your Business report [PDF, 500KB] to explore insights from research with leaders of small and medium businesses and customers. It’s a complimentary resource that can help you revisit your own business security strategy. 

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