How endpoint protection helps secure workplace devices

Discover how endpoint protection helps keep workplace devices, such as laptops and servers, safe and secure
· 22 September 2023 · 3 minute read

What is endpoint protection?

An endpoint is simply a device connected to a network. In the workplace, endpoints can include laptops, desktop PCs, and servers.

Once a device is connected to a network it is exposed to a potential range of threats. Endpoint protection helps monitor and protect endpoint devices, networks and software, typically through a software solution.

You can install endpoint protection solutions on your devices whether they are located on or off your business network.


Why is endpoint protection important?

Shifts to hybrid working have placed an even greater emphasis on keeping devices secure. Security needs to extend outside the office to remote working devices connected to your business apps and systems.

But keeping on top of ever-evolving threats and risks can be difficult. And cyber criminals and technology environments are only becoming more sophisticated.

A study by the Ponemon Institute, a respected cyber security researcher found 68% of businesses have experienced one or more endpoint attacks that compromised data and/or their technology environment. Forty-nine percent also said exploits and malware have evaded antivirus software.

Having a combination of software solutions, policies, and best practices in place helps keep your endpoint devices secure.


The right solution will depend on your business operations

To assess what’s best for your business you should consider the range of devices you’re using and the complexity of your business operations.

A wide range of anti-virus software solutions are available. They can typically help protect your work computers up to a limited number of devices under a subscription model.

But you may need a more sophisticated solution if you’re seeking to protect a larger volume and range of devices within a more complex business environment. In this case, a more comprehensive endpoint protection solution may be better suited to your business.

You might also consider if it makes sense to invest in professional or managed services depending on the level of skills and resources you have within your business.

Above all, any solution should help your organisation monitor and respond to threats, such as ransomware, phishing, or malware quickly. Ultimately, the aim is to avoid data breaches and in the event of one be able to minimise any potential impact quickly.

Endpoint protection capabilities to consider

When looking at endpoint protection solutions, you should consider features focused on key cyber security threats. This includes protection against malware, ransomware and phishing.


Anti-malware features help prevent malware from reaching your device via web browsing or email attachments. Any incoming files are scanned and cleaned to ensure they are safe. It also means your people can continue their work without disruption.


Anti-ransomware features helps identify behaviours such as encrypting files. They can also help safely restores ransomware-encrypted files automatically.

Phishing protection

Phishing protection can help combat credential theft by inspecting websites in real-time and preventing your employees from entering credentials into sites deemed malicious.

If you don’t have the resources in-house to actively manage a solution, you should also think about what automated functions are included in potential solutions. Or alternatively you might look at offerings that include professional or managed service options.

Exploring what potential solutions can offer in these areas will help you choose the best option for your business.


Cyber security best practices involve products, processes and people

With the right security products and solutions in place, it’s equally important to develop a strong cyber secure mindset. Threats and risks constantly evolve, which means you need to foster a cyber secure culture in your business.

Make sure you have processes in place to help you get the basics of cyber security right. The Australian Cyber Security Centre’s essential eight offer a good framework against which you can assess your security measures. And from that you can build out a holistic cyber security strategy that’s appropriate for your business.

Cyber criminals will generally take the line of least resistance if attempting to steal data or simply cause havoc. And while it's tempting to think it will never happen to you, businesses of all sizes suffer security breaches every day.

Choosing the right solution endpoint protection solution can help boost your cyber security and protect against threats and data breaches. 

Endpoint protection for greater peace of mind

Harmony Endpoint offers a comprehensive security solution to help protect your devices and servers from breaches and data compromise. 

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