2023 State Finalists - Promoting Sustainability

Sustainability-centred businesses

Get to know the businesses that reduced their environmental impact by driving sustainable change within their industries in 2023.

Promoting Sustainability Finalists by state

Australian Capital Territory


ACT Winner

Founded in 2017, Electromotiv allows transport businesses to transition their fleet to zero-emissions technology. Partners can lease or run their own zero-emission bus or truck and Electromotiv provides the charging and refuelling stations to power them. The team are made up of experienced professionals in the fields of engineering, business operations, finance and project delivery.

The Mullion Group

ACT Finalist

The Mullion Group is an Australian-based software company, specialising in the measurement and modelling of land-based greenhouse gas emissions and removals. Through its software platform, FLINTpro, the Mullion Group takes data from satellites, ground measurements and models and converts this into actionable information for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

New South Wales

Acoustic Blinds and Curtains

NSW Finalist

Acoustic Blinds and Curtains designs window furnishings, blinds, and curtains to help reduce noise and absorb sound. They operate nationwide and can service any project, from small homes to large-scale office buildings, with a mission to help the world sleep soundly and hear clearly.

Employee Matters

NSW Finalist

Employee Matters provides outsourced HR and Recruitment services to help businesses excel. They recognise that employees matter, and help businesses not only hire the best people, but work to engage and retain them, unlocking each workplace's full potential.


NSW Winner

FONZ is Australia's leading designer and manufacturer of quality two-wheel electric motorcycles and scooters. FONZ is proud to be a future-facing company, operating at the intersection of sustainability, style and superior performance.

RenewCo Solar

NSW Finalist

RenewCo Solar delivers best in class solar systems installed to the highest standard. This energy efficient organisation is changing the way solar is delivered in Australia. Helping to promote sustainable energy, it offers an end-to-end experience: from the initial consultation to installation and beyond.

Winya Indigenous Furniture

NSW Finalist

Winya is a majority Indigenous-owned business that designs and installs sustainable office furniture for Government and Corporate customers across Australia. The organisation is focused on developing Indigenous trainees within the furniture industry.

Zero Co Australia

NSW Finalist

Zero Co delivers personal-care and home-cleaning products direct to its customers’ doors, with the goal of creating a single-use plastic free planet. Its products are made using collected plastic from the ocean and plant-based formulas to offer a sustainable alternative to everyday household products.


Ability Enterprises

QLD Finalist

Ability Enterprises is a not-for-profit, social enterprise providing meaningful employment opportunities to marginalised people living in regional Queensland. Through strategic community and corporate partnerships, they support people living with mental illness, disability, refugees and Indigenous Australians secure employment. They operate under four values: Respect, Integrity, Diversity and Excellence.

Boomerangz Footwear

QLD Finalist

Boomerangz Footwear is an Australian flip flop brand established on the Gold Coast. Founder, Brad Munro's solution to the number one problem faced by thong wearers (blow out), is innovatively designed plugs resembling a boomerang shape. This allows the plugs to fold over and pull through instead of snapping off. Boomerangz now offers one of the most versatile and environmentally friendly thong designs on the market.

By Ninja

QLD Finalist

By Ninja is an innovative and creative design agency in Brisbane, dedicated to creating a better world through human connection and thoughtful design.The team seeks to differentiate each brand, setting them apart from competitors and most importantly, making a positive difference to their audiences.

Give Industries

QLD Finalist

Give Industries was founded by three friends in 2018, who were driven to make the world a bit better. Built upon a unique business model of donating money to charities, Give Industries is redefining what promoting sustainability means within the trade industry. The qualified team works on fit outs and maintenance across retail, hospitality, office and residential spaces.

Pleasant State

QLD Winner

Pleasant State is working towards a sparkling clean world that's free of toxic cleaning chemicals and single-use plastics. Most everyday cleaning products are packaged in single-use plastic filled with toxic chemicals, so Pleasant State developed 'just-add-water' cleaning bars. When dissolved, the innovative product makes a multi-purpose cleaner, hand and dish soap.


QLD Finalist

By pairing strategic, considered and insightful advice with a collaborative way of working, Rennie helps organisations confidently and optimistically map the future of their venture. Rennie Partners' is committed to helping businesses transition to a net-zero, sustainable future. The team upholds values of authenticity, excellence, and resilience.

South Australia

Bec Hardy Wines

SA Finalist

Bec Hardy Wines is a family-owned wine business based in McLaren Vale, South Australia. The Hardy name has been synonymous with South Australian wine since the 1850s and current owner Bec Hardy continues that tradition, building on the experience and reputation of her predecessors.

Eco Art and Craft

SA Finalist

Eco Art and Craft, an Adelaide born and led business established in 2021, offers a full range of plant based, non-toxic art supplies to keep little ones safe while they are creating and learning.The range was designed for inquisitive children to colour the rainbow naturally, and help them learn about sustainability.


SA Finalist

Started in the outback township of Quorn in June 2021, Flinders Gin produces distilled artisan gin from natively-sourced ingredients in the Flinders Ranges and outback South Australia. Owner and Master Distiller, Alby Trotta is a baker by trade, who has always been fascinated by flavour and the power of yeast, including its use in alcohol. In addition to their gin, Flinders Gin has expanded into teas, candles, garnishes, and flavoured gin salt.

Out-Back Portable Buildings

SA Finalist

Out-Back Portable Buildings designs and manufactures a wide range of quality, custom portable rooms and buildings, as well as fully transportable offices. Located in the Adelaide Hills, they pride themselves on providing their customers with high quality buildings and great service at affordable prices.


SA Finalist

Responsible Cafes is one of Australia's most innovative and growing programs actively engaging a community of more than 5000 cafes, over 60 councils and a growing community to improve sustainability. The organisation was born after a team of volunteers wanted to tackle the issue of ocean pollution and thought of offering people discounts on coffee if they use their own cup.

Succession Ecology

SA Winner

Succession Ecology is a multi-faceted environmental business that finds innovative solutions in nature. They work with clients across a broad range of areas from the collection and sale of native seed, to ecological consulting and research. The team appreciates nature and what it can do, with a philosophy of 'why engineer something when nature can often do it better'.



TAS Winner

Aqua Clean Tas is dedicated to developing high performance net cleaning systems. By implementing slow action high torque scrubbing blades instead of high pressure water to clean netting, Aqua Clean Tas has revolutionised net cleaning designs. Co-Founder Tim Ford has committed the company to ongoing research and development to extend the cleaning system to all cages and netting configurations.

Essentially Mobile

TAS Finalist

Founded in 2005 by John Barrett and Robert Huxtable, Essentially Mobile is a leading mobile phone repair centre that supplies refurbished devices throughout Tasmania and Australia. They are also an authorised supplier to the Tasmanian Government for Information Communication Technology based products. The company identified an opportunity in the refurbished handset industry to extend the lifespan of a device and reduce e-waste by remanufacturing it to the highest possible quality at a competitive price.

Lenah Game Meats

TAS Finalist

Lenah Game Meats is a specialist producer of Tasmanian Indigenous meat products, providing sustainably produced high quality food and fibre that is sourced from Australia's abundant native animal populations. The business was started in 1993, with the vision of challenging the existing paradigm of red-meat production with an Indigenous alternative.

Smitten Merino

TAS Finalist

Smitten Merino is a family-owned and operated Tasmanian merino clothing brand. Founded by Nicola and Carl Mason, the team uses sustainable fabrics such as merino wool, organic cotton, and plant-based fibre to create a wide range of clothing.



VIC Winner

CarbonLite is a profit-for-purpose company, established in Melbourne in 2013. Their ambitious vision was to transform the housing sector to become ecologically sustainable. CarbonLite specialises in the pre-fabricated construction of ultra-energy efficient homes, allowing people to build their dream home anywhere, so it performs during every season without the need for excessive heating or cooling.

Conserving Beauty

VIC Finalist

Conserving Beauty creates efficacious waterless beauty products to help people's skin and save water, carbon and waste in the process. With a background in science and a passion for social justice, Natassia Nicolao founded Conserving Beauty in 2021. The brand is financially backed by environmental and government impact funds, and has impact partnerships with organisations including the Water Footprint Network, the Australian Water Association, SeaTrees, Trace and Provenance.


VIC Finalist

Established in 2004, Nationwide Waste Solutions has grown from a local provider of waste management and recycling solutions to a business that provides services to companies Australia wide. Its key focus is to provide efficient, cost effective services to industry as a joint partner with waste and recycling partners.


VIC Finalist

Entreprenuer, Monique Samara launched PackQueen more than 10 years ago with the goal of helping small businesses with their packaging needs. Today, PackQueen's mission is to help clients build and develop sustainable, profitable businesses by utilising their packaging and creating value while making a difference.

Western Australia

ADAPT By Design

WA Finalist

ADAPT By Design has a vision to build incredible communities by empowering small and medium businesses, globally, and to address the staggering failure rates of Australian SMEs. The business works towards this goal by empowering high performing leaders and teams, to ensure businesses are set up to scale sustainably and profitably.

Australian Control Engineering (ACE)

WA Finalist

ACE helps utility providers such as the water, power, oil & gas and mining industries on their journeys to implementing new technology projects in an optimised and innovative way. ACE's vision is to provide the best locally-supported technology and experienced engineers to work closely with customers to ensure their digital transformations are friendly and effortless.


WA Finalist

Floveyor is a privately owned Australian manufacturing company that manufactures Floveyor conveyors and associated equipment used in bulk material handling.Its focus is on the safe and efficient handling of dry powders and granules, using the aero-mechanical method of conveying.

MOMA Solar

WA Finalist

MOMA Solar is an Australian manufacturer and provider of renewable lighting solutions, specialising in solar LED lighting products for commercial and industrial applications. Its main focus is to create positive environmental change by developing affordable, accessible and sustainable lighting solutions.

Northern Valleys Locavore Store

WA Finalist

Northern Valleys Locavore Store is an e-commerce platform designed to reconnect people with the origins of their food and support sustainable choices. The business does this by creating an equitable and simple system for producers to feed the region they operate in with their own food. The store now offers products from more than 100 producers and farmers from the Northern Valleys region.

The Bod Society

WA Winner

The Bod Society is a sustainable skincare brand that is pushing the boundaries of modern day skincare and packaging by creating products that are formulated and packaged using natural, vegan and earth-friendly ingredients.

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