Vantari VR

Founded by Dr. Vijay Paul and Dr. Nishanth Krishnananthan, Vantari VR developed virtual reality training tools to eliminate medical errors and improve patient outcomes.
2023 Telstra Best of Business Awards New South Wales Embracing Innovation Winner

Transforming medical training with the power of virtual reality

Having met on the first day of their hospital internship, the founders of Vantari VR knew right away that their shared mission to eliminate medical error and improve patient outcomes was something they needed to get right for the sake of patients across the country.

During their internships, Dr. Vijay Paul and Dr. Nishanth Krishnananthan realised that medical training hadn’t evolved beyond the subjective ‘see one, do one, teach one’.  Additionally, it became apparent that the use of cadavers and mannequins, tools that had been in place for decades, couldn’t effectively mimic real life scenarios or complications.

On a mission to ensure fewer lives are harmed or lost due to medical error, the pair developed a virtual reality training tool that enables clinicians, nurses and students to practice life-saving medical procedures in a safe, virtual environment, before performing them on real patients.

The technology they have created has seen the company positioned as the number one medical virtual reality company in the country, partnering with major tertiary hospitals, universities and medical device organisations both here and globally.

Dr. Paul and Dr. Krishnananthan’s vision for Vantari VR is an end-to-end healthcare metaverse, where users can experience a living, breathing hospital, providing students, nurses, and doctors the opportunity to train in a variety of procedures and specialties.

The success of Vantari VR’s platform has been validated by researchers from The University of Wollongong, who compared it against traditional training modalities. The study revealed a 40 percent reduction in medical error (meaning better outcomes for many patients), 32 percent improvement in doctor performance and 39 percent improvement in safety and hygiene standards.

We’re incredibly passionate about reducing medical error and democratising medical training through virtual reality, and we’re thrilled to have been recognised by Telstra and the community for the work that we do. As founders, you often forget to reflect on the work you’re doing, so it’s truly special to be able to take a moment to celebrate all that we’ve achieved.

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