Request disaster assistance for mobile

This form is for customers with a Telstra Upfront Mobile Plan or another Telstra post-paid mobile service only (not for Belong or Boost customers).

As a Telstra Personal or Small Business customer with an Upfront Mobile plan or another post-paid plan in a flood affected area, you may be eligible for a credit towards the cost of your service if you have been without service for part or all of the month.

All calls from our payphones to standard local, national and mobile numbers in Australia are always free.

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How this works

Find out what type of plan you have, as refunds will be applied differently. Two types of plans are eligible.

Upfront plans

If your account number starts with a 5, you’re on a Telstra Upfront Mobile Plan.

If you’re on an Upfront mobile plan, an AutoPay payment will be made on your usual monthly pay date, and we will refund the payment back to you on the same day (depending on your financial institution it may take up to 2-3 days to reach your account).


Telstra post-paid mobile plans

If your account number starts with 2000, you’re on a post-paid mobile plan.

If you’re on a Telstra post-paid mobile plan you’ll receive a credit on your next bill. 

Next steps

Your request will be processed within 24 hours and you’ll receive an email once it’s complete.

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