Update on our mobile plan prices

Last year, we let our customers know we would be doing a yearly review on the prices of our mobile plans, and that the prices of those plans may increase in July each year in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI).
Brad Whitcomb · 15 May 2023 · 3 minute read

This article was updated on 4 July 2023 with new information on our Top-up program.

We’ve finalised that review for 2023 and will begin communicating the price changes to our customers directly in the coming weeks.

What’s changing and why

From 4 July 2023 we will be increasing prices on our in market post-paid mobile and data plans in line with CPI, rounded to the nearest dollar. This will mean a monthly increase of between $3 – $6 depending on your plan (full detail below). We are also providing more data on our Basic Mobile Plan and Mobile Bundle plan.

We know price rises can be hard for some people, especially when cost of living pressures are high, and we want to be clear on why we’re doing this and what’s available if you need support.

Increasing our prices means we can continue investing in the things that matter for our customers. Things like delivering around 1 million square kilometres more mobile coverage compared to our closest competitor and 24/7 network monitoring to help protect against scams and other malicious activity.

Like most businesses in Australia, we are also responding to increasing costs. These increased costs come at a time when the CPI data below shows overall telecommunications prices – which covers all telecommunications equipment and services, beyond just mobile price – have not increased for consumers anywhere near the rate of other goods and services in recent years.

A graph showing household expenditure and telecommunications expenditure



What if I need support?

Our month-to-month plans mean you have the flexibility to change your plan at any time if it no longer suits your needs. It’s a good time to check your typical data usage on the My Telstra app to make sure you’re on the best plan for you.

To support our post-paid mobile customers who receive a concession discount on the Starter Plan we have increased their concession discount to ensure they are not impacted by these changes and won’t pay any more for that plan. This is available for customers with a valid Health Care Card, Pension Concession Card or Department of Veteran’s Affairs Card.

To support members of the community in vulnerable situations and help keep them connected, we partner with Infoxchange to deliver the Telstra Top-up program, which provides complimentary mobile credit recharge to pre-paid customers doing it tough.

We’ve recently announced an expansion of this program to provide more support to more people. From July, we will be increasing the Top-up value from three $40 credits expiring after 28 days to one $160 recharge that expires after six months to provide greater peace of mind. We will also broaden access to people experiencing or at risk of food insecurity, mental health, disability, natural disaster, homelessness or family violence. We’re on track to help 10,000 customers stay connected this financial year with an aim to more than double that number next financial year.  The Infoxchange website has more information.

What’s changing?

Here are the changes to our in-market Mobile post-paid plans and Mobile Broadband plans.

Plan Old Pricing per mth New Pricing per mth (4/7/23) Data included
Starter $47 $50 2GB
Basic $58 $62 50GB (was 40GB)
Essential $68 $72 180GB
Premium $89 $95 300GB
Bundle $47 $50 25GB (was 15GB)

(Included data allowance is for use in Australia)

Plan Old Pricing per mth New Pricing per mth (4/7/23) Data included
Mobile Broadband S $25 $25 (no change) 30GB
Mobile Broadband M $55 $58 75GB
Mobile Broadband L $85 $90 400GB
Mobile Broadband Data Bundle $10 $10 (no change) 10GB

(Included data allowance is for use in Australia)