Starlink connectivity is coming to Telstra Enterprise customers

Earlier this year, we announced that we were excited to be bringing Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite connectivity, powered by Starlink, to our customers across Australia. Today, we’re even more excited to announce that Telstra Enterprise is now taking orders for Telstra Starlink connections.
Andrew Stormont · 14 November 2023 · 3 minute read

We’ve been trialing the product with a select few Enterprise customers over the past couple of months, but we’re happy to announce we will open this up to other interested Enterprise customers.  Telstra Enterprise customers can speak with client partners about ordering their Starlink Kits, with deliveries and service availability from mid-January 2024.  Orders will also be open to Telstra Business customers, however they will need to migrate to a new Telstra Enterprise account to do so. 

Each service will come with a Starlink Kit to connect to Starlink’s network, power and ethernet cables, as well as a Starlink router to connect your devices to the network. However, we can also offer custom router solutions like SDWAN with Starlink to fit different business requirements.

Tailored for businesses, our Telstra Enterprise Starlink plans will offer up to 6TB of priority data per month, with unlimited standard data. In usual weather conditions, priority data means average speeds of around 40Mbps-220Mbps download and 8Mbps-25Mbps upload.

Standard data has access to less shared bandwidth than priority, so speeds experienced with it may differ Standard speeds are around 25-100Mbps and 5-10Mbps upload.  Speeds across both priority and standard data speeds may also be impacted by various other factors outside of our control also, such as a severe thunderstorm or rain fade.  

For most businesses, fibre-based connectivity will serve most needs, but the addition of Starlink connectivity in our suite enables high-speed internet in the most remote parts of the country that might not be served effectively by existing technologies.

It’s not just about office or worksite connectivity with businesses either. Telstra Enterprise customers can also order Starlink services and kits that are designed to work on the pause or on the move, the Starlink Kit can even be installed directly on vehicles - perfect for teams that regularly travel remotely and need connectivity on the move. 

While these kits are designed to be easy to self-install, our technicians will also be available to customers should they need assistance with installation or support at their sites.

What are the different Starlink options?

  • Comms on the move: Your flat high performance kit is attached to a vehicle and works as you go

  • Comms on the pause: You can take it with you, but you need to be stationary to use it

  • Fixed: That's for when you're in one place and not moving around

How does Low Earth Orbit satellite connectivity work?

Telstra currently uses a mix of technologies to provide voice and broadband services in rural and remote Australia, including nbn fixed and fixed wireless broadband, our mobile network and older copper and radio networks. 

The addition of Starlink will provide an additional connectivity option for eligible customers in rural and remote locations where distance and terrain make it difficult to provide quality connectivity with existing terrestrial networks. 
One of the benefits of LEO satellites is that they are much closer to Earth than traditional geostationary satellites with multiple satellites that form part of a “constellation”, allowing them to send and receive signals much faster. As well as offering great data throughput, the proximity of these satellites reduces latency making them a great and more consistent option for services that need low latency, like voice and video calls.

The latency, download speeds and general experience in most circumstances will be superior to copper-based ADSL and better suited for most modern connectivity needs. Our team has been testing Starlink’s service in the field to determine the best way to offer it to customers.    

We truly believe in improving connectivity for all Australians, regardless of where you live, work and play and look forward to also sharing more details around our consumer Starlink offering early next year. Adding LEO satellites as a Telstra capability aids our customers and bolsters our connectivity options in regional areas bringing us a big leap closer to closing this digital divide.

Starlink with Telstra FAQ

  • Telstra Starlink Enterprise Internet is Starlink’s business grade product for enterprise customers seeking satellite broadband connectivity. 

  • Telstra will also be offering a consumer plan powered by Starlink. We’re currently doing trials to ensure the service meets our customers’ needs and it will be available in March 2024. 

  • Telstra Starlink Enterprise Internet offers higher speeds and different equipment. We are offering both fixed and portable options to our enterprise customers.
  • Telstra Satellite Internet, powered by Starlink, is our consumer offer, which is a fixed broadband solution including a home phone (voice) service. 

  • Fixed and portable (Comms on the Pause, Comms on the Move) options are available for customers to purchase. 

  • All Enterprise plans – both fixed and portable - will be available for Telstra to sell internationally – in any country where we are licensed and there is Starlink connectivity available. We’ll share more about locations soon. 

  • The Enterprise products and plans are designed for larger business and may not be appropriate for your business needs. We encourage you to come talk to one of the team so we can help you find the best connectivity solution. 

  • Telstra’s enterprise plans will not include voice, however customers are able to leverage their service with an over the top Voice over IP (VoIP) service. This will be something we will provide to our consumer customers and will announce more details later this year. 

  • We’re always here to help. If you’re an Enterprise customer, please reach out to your client partner to discuss your options.
  • When we launch our consumer offers in March, our stores and call centres will be able to help customers understand their best connectivity options. 

By Andrew Stormont

Channel & Networks Sales Group Owner, Telstra Enterprise