Everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 and Z Flip5 at Telstra

Samsung's latest foldable and flippable devices - the Z Fold5 and Z Flip5 are coming to Telstra. Here's how much they'll cost, pre-order details and all the device specs.
Harry Tucker · 26 July 2023 · 4 minute read

Thinner, smarter and even more useful than ever before. Samsung has unveiled a whole suite of new foldable, flippable and wearable devices at its latest Unpacked event overnight.

Here’s what’s new, how much they cost, and when you can get your hands on them. Let’s dive right in.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 5G

Samsung is no stranger to folding phones, it practically pioneered the space, and its fifth generation of Fold is bringing foldables closer to the mainstream than ever before. 

A phone when it’s closed – sporting a 6.2-inch cover screen – becomes tablet-like in seconds as soon as it’s opened. The thin clamshell hides a massive 7.6-inch display, perfect for powering through work in the day and then streaming videos or playing games at night. Plus it’s an absolute multi-tasking monster.

This year’s update features a re-engineered hinge that not only now closes completely flush with zero gap, it also makes it Samsung’s lightest Fold yet. This new hinge goes hand in hand with the Fold5’s cover screen ratio, which is designed to be like a regular phone, so it’s now easier than ever to just the Fold on the go.

The cameras – and there are 5 of them – have been upgraded again this year. On the back, the Fold5 has the same excellent cameras from the Galaxy S23 and S23+, which include a 50MP main lens, 12MP ultra-wide, and a 10MP 3x telephoto. The 50MP camera brings with it “pixel binning” – a camera technology which helps to give more detail, especially in low light to your photos.

Usually having a large megapixel count means you need to sacrifice how much light reaches the camera sensor – on a high level, pixel binning combines the sensor’s pixels to allow more light to reach the sensor for better quality images while still keeping sharp and clear.  

Samsung’s also including its Space Zoom feature, which uses a combination of the telephoto lens and some software magic to allow you to zoom into a shot with up to 30x zoom.

When it comes to selfies, there’s a camera hiding under the main display so you can jump on video calls without it being in the way of content, and another 10MP camera on the cover screen. And for supercharged selfies, you can unfold the phone and use the cover screen as a viewfinder for the main cameras.

And to make sure your phone survives you, Samsung has made sure all the durability features you’ve come to expect from a Fold devices are there.

The Z Fold5 is also compatible with Samsung’s latest S Pens. Like with the Fold4 before it, there’s an S Pen Fold Edition exclusive to Fold devices for great on-the-go note taking, and an S Pen Pro for more serious artists.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 5G

If you’re someone who’s after style, loves to post snaps and videos online, and what’s a powerful devices that fits in all your pockets -  the new Z Flip5 is for you.

Instead of being a regular candybar smartphone design, the Z Flip5 simply folds vertically shut when you’re done. Think of it like this – the Z Fold5 opens like a book, while the Z Flip5 opens like a high-tech compact mirror. 

For the first time on a Flip, the Flip5 also has a 3.4-inch cover screen that fills almost all the space available when shut, making it more useful for quick interactions than ever. A long way from the original Flip you can see below! Now you can easily check messages, app notifications and even respond to them without needing to flip open the phone.  

Plus, the bigger screen is perfect as a viewfinder for taking incredible selfies with the beefy main cameras – whether folded shut or using it half-folded like on a tripod.

Speaking of cameras, there are three great ones – a 12MP main camera, 12MP ultra wide camera and a 10MP selfie camera on the inside screen. Samsung’s calling this set up “flex cam”, which makes sense, since the design of the Flip5 and selection of cameras really gives you more flexibility with your shots than almost anything else on the market.

It’s not only good for making content, but it’s great for experiencing it too.

The 6.7-inch display’s slightly taller ratio than most phones makes it perfect for watching widescreen movies, with a true cinematic aspect ratio that doesn’t waste screen space with black bars when. 

Just like the Z Fold5, the Flip5 has the same Armor Aluminium frame and zero-gap hinge; Gorilla Glass Victus+, IPX8 rating, and protective film on the internal screen.

Release date, pricing and a bonus pre-order offers – exclusive to Telstra!

Pre-orders for the new devices open from 10PM AEST, 26 July 2023 through to 11:59PM AEST, 17 August 2023.

The new Z Flip5 and Z Fold5 start at $1649 and $2599, respectively. 

Plus there are a few extra goodies for those that pre-order worth up to $550 in bonus value at Telstra, including:

  • Customers who pre-order the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 or Z Fold5 by 17 August will enjoy up to $550 bonus value with a free storage upgrade. 
  • Plus, customers get $500 bonus trade-in credit on top of any trade-in value, when they trade in an eligible phone before 10 September 2023. 
    • For example, if a customer traded in a Galaxy Z Fold4 512GB phone in good working order and pre-order the new Galaxy Z Flip5 or Fold5, they will get $800 trade-in value, plus $500 bonus trade-in credit – or $1,300 total trade-in credit. 


By Harry Tucker

Technology writer and editor at Telstra Exchange

Harry is a technology writer and editor at Telstra Exchange. Harry joined Telstra at the end of 2020 after a slog in the trenches of the tech and startup space. Previously, he was the Technology Editor at Business Insider, Australian launch editor of telco comparison site Reviews.org and a reporter at News.com.au. He loves breaking down really technical topics and making them digestible and fun to read for everyone. Outside of work, he has an uncanny ability to turn every conversation into something about Formula 1 or the NBA.