How to save bucks at the bowser with the best fuel comparison apps

Petrol prices are reaching an all-time high in some Australian cities. Thankfully, your phone can help you save money on the road. Here are some of our favourite ways to save on petrol using nothing but your smartphone.
Luke Hopewell · 02 May 2024 · 5 minute read

How do cheap petrol price apps work in Australia?

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is looking out for motorists in Australia.

Since 2022, the watchdog has been tracking fuel prices in Australia’s five largest capital cities and over 190 regional locations.

Those prices are then published daily, which is where most (if not all) petrol apps in this list get their prices.

You can use this information to find the cheapest pumps near you, and even track when is the best time each week to fill up.

Let’s get into a few of the best apps.

Make sure to never use these apps while driving!

Every state and territory in Australia doles out stiff penalties for using your phone while driving. These penalties include both demerit points on your license and hefty fines. 

To make sure you stay on the right side of the law (and powered up on the go), check out our range of smartphone car accessories.

Drive safe!

The best standalone petrol price apps for iOS and Android

There are a bunch of great apps for fuel price monitoring in Australia. Some are offered by state governments, others focus on particular parts of the country.

This list features standalone fuel price apps that factor in prices around the nation on both iOS and Android so you can make sure - no matter where you are or which device you have - that you’ll get the best deal!

Petty (iOS)



Petty is an app on iOS that helps you find the best petrol prices across the country.

It’s incredibly simple, and gives you a list of all the stations around you. You can also sort those stations by price (if you want the cheapest) or distance (if you want the closest).

Petty also offers allows you to set the fuel type you use most and displays a dashboard which shows you how prices have fluctuated for the last week.

There’s also an annual premium subscription which gives you the ability to save your favourite stations as well as Apple CarPlay integration so you can use it on the go.

MotorMouth (iOS, Android, Web)



MotorMouth is a great cross-platform app for all devices that finds your cheapest nearby fuel on a map.

The best thing about MotorMouth is that - as soon as it’s opened - you get a map of stations around you. Each station is designated a colour based on how expensive the fuel is. Green means fuel is cheap, yellow means moderate and red means expensive.

You can also see fuel price graphs based on where you live (city or regional), or search by name for your fave station.

EzySt (iOS, Android)



EzySt (pronounced ‘Easy Street’), gives you a map view of the stations around you and pins the price of your preferred fuel so you don’t have to tap around to find out what you need.

What’s great about it is that you can use it as a navigation app to help you find your way to the closest and/or cheapest fuel simply.

Also, it gives you access to daily convenience offers at petrol stations around you. Helpful if you need to grab a few icy cold cans when you fill up.

Navigation apps have petrol prices too



Both Waze and Google Maps have built-in fuel price monitoring. That means you can use them in your car via either Apple CarPlay or Google’s Android Auto.

On either Waze and Google Maps, you can tap to find petrol stations near you. Both apps will then display the price of fuel at the closest stations near you.

By Luke Hopewell

Editor, tech expert and Senior Specialist Writer at Telstra Exchange

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