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Frequently Asked Questions

Adaptive Mobility Care is an optional managed service subscription Add-On available to new and existing Adaptive Mobility customers.

Adaptive Mobility Care is designed to help you manage your organisation’s fleet of mobiles and free up your time so you can get back to business. It is delivered by a mobility expert partner. After subscribing and obtaining your consent, the services provided by your allocated partner include:

  • Business hours (8am – 5pm, Monday – Friday) support in your local time zone
  • Assistance with new connections, upgrades and port-ins
  • Change of plans
  • Change of ownership
  • Activation of any optional Add-On services
  • Cancellations, disconnections and suspensions
  • Sim replacements
  • Sim PIN/PUK code retrievals
  • International Roaming activation/barring/support
  • Hardware purchases
  • Facilitation of Warranty repairs

Customers who elect to take up Adaptive Mobility Care will be charged $3 per service / per month (inc GST) and the fee will be billed monthly based on the number of active services that you have on your account at end of each billing period.

Yes. You can offset the cost of Adaptive Mobility Care with the Managed Service credit available on Mobile Enhanced, Epic and Executive plans (subject to meeting all eligibility requirements for the credit).

Adaptive Mobility Care is a subscription service and therefore provides you with a more personalised level of service and support. You will be partnered with a Telstra Dealer who understands your business and requirements and they will help administer your Adaptive Mobility solution. They’ll also perform a more pro-active approach in helping you to obtain maximum value and benefits from your solution.

Standard Customer Care is a self-service option. You will need to manage the administration of your Adaptive Mobility solution yourself with our self-help tools and you will only be provided with access to our standard Customer Care and Technical Support teams.

No. Adaptive Mobility Care is provided as an account level service, and you are not able to nominate individual services on the account.

Adaptive Mobility Care is an optional Add-On and you are not obliged to subscribe, however if you elect not to take up this option you will be required to self-manage your own Adaptive Mobility solution. Standard Customer Care and Technical Support teams will still be available to you though the standard Telstra support channels.

Speak with a Telstra Salesperson who will be able to first confirm your eligibility and then assist you with the sign-up process.

No, they don’t. Only the core product plans – Essential, Enhanced, Epic and Executive are eligible to receive Telstra Enterprise Plus Fund. Add-Ons and managed services will not contribute to your Telstra Enterprise Plus Fund.

No, you can’t. Telstra Enterprise Plus Fund can only be used for eligible device and accessory purchases.

If you wish to cancel your Adaptive Mobility Care subscription you can do so at any time by simply advising your allocated Adaptive Mobility Care team that you no longer wish to continue with your subscription, and they will cancel the service on your behalf.