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Take a more confident security posture

Devices, apps and the cloud are fundamentally changing the way we work – and the way we need to think about online threats. By being more prepared, you can afford to operate with confidence in a digital world.

Identify whether you’re at risk

Telstra knows there’s no single 100% cyber security solution. It’s as much a human issue as a technical one. That’s why we developed the Five Knows of Cyber Security. Ask yourself each of the five questions below to see if your business is at risk.

5 Knows of Cyber Security

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We can help you develop a strong, policy-driven security architecture – a framework of clearly articulated security principles that can be enforced through defined security domains and controls, and implemented through set standards, guidelines and procedures.

Security Architecture and Design

Develop a secure and trusted network security architectures while meeting business expectations and objectives, reducing cost and managing security.

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Our assessment and planning services range from assessing the maturity of your organisation’s approach to IT security, through to specific security components within your organisation that include network, IT systems and physical infrastructure.

Cyber Security Check Up

Our security consultants assess and advise you on cyber security, exposure to online threats, and what you can do to improve.  

Vulnerability Assessment

Identify and qualify your business’ cyber threats, online vulnerabilities and the risks they pose.

Penetration Testing

Uncover the vulnerabilities that reside in your network and ICT environment through robust testing.

Industrial Control Systems Assessment

A high-level assessment focusing on risks to your operational technology environments.

We assess your information security at a high level to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement when compared against industry standards.

Compliance Assessment

A high-level assessment to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement against industry standards for ISO 27001/2, Information Security Manual (ISM), SANS Critical Security Controls or PCI-DSS.

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We help you manage your ICT resilience function to support and sustain your business processes within existing and future business expectations and constraints, including regulatory requirements.

Business Resilience

Our security consultants will work with you to scope out the business continuity and disaster recovery activities your business needs.

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Take a proactive approach to incident response.

Incident Response

Incident Response is managed security service which aims to help deal efficiently and effectively with potentially damaging cyber security attacks. You get access to expert advice to quickly contain any business impacts after a cyber security incident has occurred. It also includes recommendations aimed at faster recovery and prevention of the recurrence of such incidents.

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Put our technical resources and expertise to work for you reviewing your current security posture and developing a holistic future strategy. The development of a holistic strategy will ensure you deploy and use a set of security solutions that meet your business requirements efficiently and effectively.

Virtual Officer Resourcing

Access to the expertise of an information security professional for a pre-defined period, or at intervals, depending on your requirements.

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