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Put your network
under investigation

Our security intelligence services will help manage and monitor your network to identify vulnerable areas.

We’ll identify risks quickly and accurately
Your IT department has limited time and resources to conduct in-depth security analyses to instantly pinpoint and prevent vulnerabilities within your network.

Security Intelligence delivered through our Security Operations Centre provides you with effective protection. We provide an integrated, end-to-end view of your network and security to allow a more coordinated response to incidents.

Our expert team will monitor and manage your IT infrastructure and data to identify risks quickly and accurately. And you can get visibility of this through a single, easy-to-use authentication portal.

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Help your organisation to get


A comprehensive Managed Security Solution

Through our Security Intelligence including event monitoring, alert and incident management we provide the most effective security outcomes for your network.


Internationally recognised expertise

Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) is an ASIO T4-certified facility, which provides dedicated security monitoring. We also maintain maximum operational redundancy through a second T4 disaster recovery facility in Sydney.


Strong visibility

With our extensive network reach across our public and private networks, we manage more network traffic than any other provider. We combine that with superior coverage from our intelligence feeds that come from the Australian Government, leading security partners and the global security community


Peace of mind

All intelligence data is assessed by the SOC. They evaluate real-time intrusion event data and systematically categorise and prioritise each threat in relation to global profiles.

Potential business impact

  • Streamline security costs
  • Protect your reputation
  • Alleviate insurance requirements

Ideal for companies with

  • Limited IT resources
  • Heavy reliance on online business