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We help your business connect

Get a managed network-based gateway to streamline how you work.

Gain time and resources by letting someone else take care of your security infrastructure.

For a simple, monthly fee you can remove the need to juggle an assortment of security products, vendors and the costs of building and maintaining hardware.

IP Gateway is a managed network-based gateway for our IP WAN, IP MAN and Connect IP customers. We provide your business with firewalling, content scanning and remote connectivity features.

With IP Gateway, you can choose between Internet Gateway and Extranet Gateway, plus optional add-on services.

Internet Gateway gives you security for your IP Networking Service connection to your Internet Direct Service. You can choose between four packages, which all provide 24x7 helpdesk support.

Extranet Gateway gives you the ability to connect with up to eight other virtual private networks, allowing you to share information with other organisations using our IP network.

We provide the infrastructure and licences and take care of the security management and vendor arrangements. This way, you have more time to focus on your business.

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Help your organisation to get


Peace of mind

We can help protect against spam, malware and inappropriate content.



You can choose a package for your business and you can upgrade features as your business grows, without the need for new security infrastructure.


Cost savings

You get access to the necessary infrastructure and licences for an affordable, monthly fee. You also reduce separate payments for hardware support fees, software licence fees and firewalls. For even more cost-efficiency, our firewall charges are based on bandwidth, not users.


Greater control

Using the online portal, you can easily configure policies and view comprehensive service reports, giving you control and transparency.



We aim to provide 99.9% availability for infrastructure. It can be used to offer high speed internet in remote areas via Wi-Fi hotspots and LAN in conjunction with TID.

Potential business impact

  • Reducing IT costs
  • Simplified IT management
  • Increase in productivity

Ideal for companies with

  • Self-management requirement

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