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Protect against the risk of intrusion

Augment your firewall to identify and stop disguised attacks.

There’s a growing risk of intrusion from both inside and outside your network.

A well-disguised attack will pass through your firewall, causing expensive damage to your network and business. Your resources can’t constantly monitor your traffic to keep track of these threats.

Our Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) will enhance your security by monitoring and managing your network and server traffic for you. This gives you real-time protection and frees up your resources to focus on other tasks.

By monitoring your traffic either via the cloud or with an on-site solution, we have the ability to react quickly to report and help prevent unwanted attacks.

By strategically placing intrusion detection sensors on your network, our Security Operations Centre (SOC) gives you the benefit of intelligence feeds not just from local and global sources but from 60 per cent of Australia’s internet traffic.

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Help your organisation to get


24-hour protection

We help protect your business from threats disguised as legitimate traffic thanks to intrusion detection sensors that provide 24x7 device monitoring and an automatic alarm system.


Customised service

IPS is available as either a network-based (NIPS) or host-based (HIPS) solution. With NIPS you have the choice between a range of hardware vendors including Cisco Juniper, and CheckPoint.


Peace of mind

We manage and monitor your traffic 24x7 and provide SLAs by certified security experts.


Integration into other services

The dedicated host-based IPS service is fully integrated into the Telstra Cloud, Internet Direct, Managed Data Networks and more, while our shared firewall service is integrated into the Telstra Cloud, Internet Direct and other security products services.

Potential business impact

  • Reduce costs
  • Increased automation
  • Free up IT staff
  • Enhance customer confidence

Ideal for companies with

  • Large workforces
  • Financial services focus
  • A reliance on online transactions

Services to complement your Intrusion Prevention Service

  • Endpoint Protection
  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Cyber Security Incident Response