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Welcome to the all new purpose built Telstra Security Operations Centre (SOC). Representing our multi-million dollar investment in cyber security, the SOC has been built as a state-of-the-art T4 facility, providing you the latest in cyber security protection. As the foundation of our Managed Security Services, it provides the visibility and expertise you need to confidently manage risk.

The centre offers sophisticated discovery tools and analytics in a powerful open source platform (OpenMSS) that enables us to collaborate with the wider security industry and to constantly evolve our solution. That's backed by a team of experts in their field - security and business analysts, data scientists, and devops. All working together to validate priorities and drive intelligent response from vast amounts of analysed data. This will allow us to partner with customers to deliver an integrated and unified cyber and electronic/physical security service that has a core focus on consulting, architecture, integration and managed security services, all underpinned by our mature service delivery capability.

Designed to meet global best practice, the Security Operations Centre will change your view on managing cyber threats, protecting critical assets for your business.  


OpenMSS platform
With open source, worldwide expertise and innovation is on tap, and we can develop solutions on demand and at scale. It’s Telstra built and managed.

Customer portal
All of our processes are completely transparent. As a Managed Security Services customer, you'll have the same visibility into your security environment as we have. You can understand potential vulnerabilities, plot clearer resolution paths, and see the effect of mitigation.

Advanced, context-aware tools
Our tools combine high-end security and incident event management functions with powerful cloud-based analytics to determine threats in the context of your business environment.

Cross-domain cooperation
Our security analysts, business analysts and data scientists work as one to share insights. And since development and operations work together, we can quickly create and deploy solutions.

Constant fine-tuning for a smarter response
Automation and process optimisation are built in. We can streamline our response to multiple threats to be faster and more focused.

Mirrored sites for resilience
Both Sydney and Melbourne host the Security Operations Centre, and both locations operate in tandem for business continuity.

Dedicated customer work areas
Centrally situated in Sydney and Melbourne CBDs, the facilities are open to our security services customers. It's ideal if you who want to collaborate with our teams to improve security, or expand understanding of your risk profile.

Data storage in the local cloud
All security log information is located onshore for data sovereignty, while cloud storage helps us lower costs for our customers.

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