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Setting a new standard in alarm communications

A security control room solution to help manage alarm panels from multiple remote sites


Telstra Secure provides control rooms an end to end technology solution so that they can manage the end users’ alarm panels, helping ensure their safety and security.

Offering both wireless and wireline access technologies, Telstra Secure provides the extra assurance of dual path alarm monitoring. It works with most existing alarm panels, is supported by major security monitoring companies and is designed to scale easily. Telstra Secure has been independently tested and certified to comply with the Australian Standard for alarm monitoring.

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Telstra Secure provides both wireless and a range of wireline options for monitoring solutions, and organisations can choose either wireless or wireline as the primary path. Should the primary path fail, the alarm panel will automatically connect to the secondary path to communicate with the monitoring station. As a genuine Dual Path solution (where two connections are over different communication technologies) it’s ideal when network availability is vital. For less critical sites, single path wireless communications is also available.


Compatible: Telstra Secure is directly compatible with the customer’s existing alarm system

NBN-Ready: The alarm signals are IP packets, removing any reliance on analogue PSTN lines

Easy to install: Telstra Secure CPE is a wall mount self-contained unit, requiring only power and the PSTN output from the alarm panel making it easy to install and minimising field technician costs

Peace of Mind: Telstra Secure gives end-users peace of mind, knowing that connection issues won’t go unnoticed

Near real-time dashboard: UltraAgent will show the health of the field devices, along with the ability to extract data and run reports on many aspects of the network

Rapid Response: The Service Manager can proactively notify the customer of an issue and arrange for a service call

Competitive pricing: Telstra Secure allows the control room to offer the service at an equivalent price to what the customer was previously paying

Bundled on the one bill: Telstra Secure keeps costs easy to manage with a fully inclusive single charge per service. Telstra Secure is bundled, including the Telstra Secure CPE, the SIM and data charges, and the monitoring service

How it works?


Telstra Secure is a platform specifically tailored for organisations with a security control room. It retransmits alarm panel signals such as alarms and faults to your monitoring centre, giving you a total picture of the health of your end-user network.


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