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Manage your assets remotely

You can manage and monitor your asset data with improved accuracy using Telstra Remote Telemetry. It provides you with confidence in secure delivery of your critical data.


Telstra Remote Telemetry is a complete IP-based solution that provides the security of a virtual private network (VPN) with the extra assurance of genuine dual path monitoring.

It is an end-to-end communications solution with a wide range of industrial and commercial applications - everything from security surveillance, to traffic light management, to meter reading.

Choose fixed, wireless IP or satellite to transport your telemetry and security applications whilst enjoying a highly secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) built on Telstra’s NextIP™ platform. Telstra Remote Telemetry is also available for Type 1 Security applications.

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Telstra Remote Telemetry lets you seamlessly gather and monitor data from multiple remote locations, offering a significant advantage over traditional solutions.

Onsite equipment (Telemetry router)

  • Small, sturdy and lightweight aluminium unit with controller and activated SIM card
  • Uses less power than previous models
  • Simple to install zero-touch activation and easy to integrate with new technologies
  • No need for costly upgrades - works with most data sources and automation systems, including legacy


Wired and wireless access

  • Built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, 4G cellular modem, ADSL modem, multiple Ethernet ports, serial ports and a USB port. Multiple wired connection options - WAN, and NBN via Ethernet, ADSL
  • Wireless 4G connectivity with fall back to 3G in non 4G areas. Satellite for remote areas
  • Ability to support CCTV


Management interface

  • Browser based access to Telstra Remote Telemetry UltraAgent servers
  • Easy to install and use software application
  • 99.9% target uptime for your telemetry data for high availability


Telstra Managed RADIUS server

  • Authenticates each connection. No need to deploy and manage your own RADIUS server


Restricted topology

  • Restricted topology uses Access Control Lists allowing you to set policies to logically separate traffic and restrict access to different entities or departments. You can deny and/or permit traffic flows based on:
    • Source and/or destination IP address
    • TCP, UDP or other protocol port identified by its number
    • TCP or UDP application protocol port


High security

  • 256 bit AES data encryption and dedicated VPN access
  • ISO-27001 security certification for both wired and wireless connectivity
  • Constant monitoring of traffic helps to ensure system integrity and performance


Support for CCTV

  • An efficient way to deploy remote monitoring cameras

Competitive pricing

  • Competitive monthly charge for equipment, management access, 24/7 monitoring and support makes budgeting easy


Monitoring and Management

  • Enables customers to manage and monitor their own telemetry network, separated from existing corporate network infrastructure
  • All configuration and monitoring is centrally managed from the Ultra Agent User Interface (GUI)

Privacy and Reliability

  • Direct connectivity to the customer’s certified VPN keeps all data private
    and secure
  • Failover redundancy keeps customers connected to their critical infrastructure


  • One cost per site, including hardware and connectivity, ensures customers to easily manage budgets
  • Eliminates the need to manage individual connections and data usage for each connectivity method

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