Who's mining your data?

Mining technology increasingly relies on prudent security measures to prevent disruption and enable innovation.

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Protect, maintain, simplify

The digital environment is fundamentally changing the way we work, driven by new devices and new ways to communicate, collaborate and transact.

Our suite of high performance security solutions is designed to let you compete confidently in a digital world under attack from increasingly sophisticated threats.

That means you can proactively defend your infrastructure and information assets against internal or external threats – on Premise and Cloud

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How we can help transform your organisation


Desktop and firewall security applications that protect your PCs and servers.


Purchase security protection as a suite or as individual products and services.


Our team will monitor and manage your IT infrastructure and data to identify risks quickly and accurately.


Simplify your security choices and balance risk against the best return on investment.


Desktop and firewall security applications that protect your PCs and servers.

Symantec.cloud Safeguard services (Email/Web Security)

Email and web security applications that help catch threats before they reach your network.


Managed Firewall Service

This is a real-time firewall management and monitoring solution to help protect key information assets.

Intrusion Prevention Service

We help protect your business from threats disguised as legitimate traffic.

Denial of Service Protection

Protect your internet-facing infrastructure from attack traffic and damages to your reputation.

Email Protection

Secure your email against phishing, spam and dangerous content entering your network.

Web Protection

Scan all web traffic for threats and enforce security policies for office-based or remote roaming staff.

IP Gateway

Provide secure access to and from the Telstra Next IP® network services.

Managed Next Generation Firewall

Flexible and seamless on-premise managed security solution for mid-size organisations.

iWebGate Workspace Suite

Help protect business activities with software-based network security that's easy to set up and manage.


Vulnerability Services

Our Vulnerability Services are the fast and easy way to assess the risks your company might face – potentially saving you thousands.

How we’ll help you stay secure

We know you are operating a business in a highly volatile world where threats grow by the minute. That's why we have established a world class Security Operations Centre.



Leaders in intelligence

We draw on intelligence feeds from Australian internet traffic, government agencies, local and global strategic alliances, our own networks and your networks.Our continuous monitoring means we analyse and stay up to date with threats as they appear, responding quickly to existing and emerging threats to help keep your business safe.


Identify and act

We analyse all feeds and intelligence with market -leading correlation and event management tools so we can predict quickly and respond appropriately to any threats or attacks.


You can adapt easily to new ways of working

We understand that you can’t let concerns around security dictate how you do business. We help you to manage risks so you can adopt new ways of working within a secure environment.


‘Always on’ protection

We constantly monitor, manage and respond 24x7.

be whyus security services

Case studies


Managing Risk and Security in 2016

Leading cyber expert Andrew France OBE outlines the latest enterprise security challenges appearing in the marketplace and how organisations need to strengthen their defenses.


NAB Second Factor Authentication

Telstra's SMS Solution helped NAB to pioneer security in Internet Banking, resulting in a 15% increase in new customers registered for banking over the Internet in the year to September 2009.



Betfair is an online betting exchange that processes more transactions every day than the Australian Stock Exchange, so security is clearly of the highest importance.


Responding to cyber security incidents

Modern business with it's focus on mobility, cloud and applications creates great opportunity for global growth. In this environment protecting your data is vital - discover what happens during a security breach and how to respond.

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