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Discover ways to innovate with Wi-Fi.

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Unlock more value from mobility

People, processes, data and things are becoming connected as never before. With our Managed Wi-Fi solutions, you can seamlessly and securely link these elements together to unlock unprecedented business value. Now you can transform the workplace so your people work more productively and deliver better customer service. Manage people and connect your assets for more streamlined and cost-efficient operations. And get closer to your customers and understand their behaviour. Whatever your industry, size of operations, or business goals, we have a Wi-Fi solution to meet your needs:

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Our Solutions

Managed Wi-Fi Dedicated

A customisable solution with full control of mobile access including BYOD, plus tracking and analytics. You can easily apply access and security policies for staff, guests, contractors and the public, and extend them across sites by device, user role and application. It's ideal for creating innovative workplaces that drive productivity, efficiency and deliver more value to your business.

We can design a solution that works with many types of locations, from the most simple to the most complex and challenging, whether indoors or outdoors.

Managed Wi-Fi Dedicated Data Sheet

Managed Wi-Fi Analytics

Maximise business opportunities with one of the world's most powerful analytics engines. Gain the deepest insights into users and connected assets to improve productivity and efficiency, optimise your Wi-Fi environment, and provide a brilliant user experience.

Take advantage of full integration of analytics, location technology and push communications, backed by our managed services. Custom built for your environment, Managed Wi-Fi Analytics can help you make better data-driven decisions and realise the true potential of Wi-Fi.

Managed Wi-Fi Analytics Data Sheet

Managed Wi-Fi

A secure, scalable and ready-to-go cloud-managed solution that's fast to deploy. It provides full visibility of your Wi-Fi environment across single or multiple sites via a unified dashboard, along with complete management and support from us.

You can have separate staff, guest and public access, with tracking and analytics . It's ideal if you want to connect multiple sites, need cost-effective Wi-Fi for smaller sites, or have limited IT resources.

Managed Wi-Fi Cloud Data Sheet

Managed Wi-Fi Cloud User Guide

Telstra Air Public

A simple way to deliver a high-quality public Wi-Fi experience to attract visitors and engage with them through analytics and marketing.

Delivered as a true partnership, we design, install and manage the solution and provide a reliable, high-speed connecting network. You gain a low risk, world-class Wi-Fi solution, and can take advantage of our multi-million dollar investment in the national Telstra Air Wi-Fi network.

Telstra Air Public Wi-Fi Data Sheet

Telstra Air Public Wi-Fi Brochure.


Transform workplaces
Create a flexible and agile working environment to drive innovation, productivity and efficiency. Enable staff to do business in the moment using collaboration tools and applications while enjoying a consistent, high-quality experience. Support staff engagement by improving the way talent is leveraged, and transform customer service.



Manage people and assets
Provide access to critical information to speed work processes and ensure worker safety. Combine Wi-Fi with IoT to automate and streamline processes. Understand visitor traffic flows and asset utilisation to manage resources more efficiently.



Get closer to customers
Understand your customers better through location tracking and analytics. Engage with them more closely by delivering information of interest and value-added services according to where they are.



Have full control and security
Easily onboard corporate, guest and visitor devices including BYOD. Enforce policies for staff, contractors, or customers to connect securely to your network based on user, device type and location. Safely share information with those who need it and protect it from those who don't


Potential business impacts

  • A more agile and flexible workplace
  • More efficient asset and resource utilisation
  • Improved productivity and responsiveness
  • Enhanced customer insight and visitor satisfaction
  • Closer engagement with customers and staff

Ideal for companies with:

  • Corporate offices
  • Retail precincts
  • Government  community areas
  • Health, education and hospitality environments
  • Warehousing areas

Case Studies

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