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Limit hassle with our equipment options.

Let us open up a range of options for you to make equipment procurement and maintenance easier.

We’ll get you competitive prices on network equipment

Buying, renting and maintaining network equipment can be a huge cost and time burden, especially if you are limited on resources or if your infrastructure is complex and involves multiple vendors.

If you just want to purchase equipment, you can use our buying power to get competitive pricing. We offer equipment from leading vendors such as Cisco, Juniper and Riverbed including routers, switches, firewalls, wireless access points and wireless LAN controllers.

If you’re buying or renting equipment as part of a managed service, you can be assured that the equipment will work optimally on your network. To provide greater operational reliability, we put vendor equipment through a unique testing and accreditation process before we manage it.

You can also choose between vendor maintenance such as Cisco SMARTnet onsite, Juniper Jcare onsite maintenance or Riverbed, where the vendor provides all levels of technical support, holds spares, and attends on-site.

Network Care Plus is another maintenance offering giving customers the choice to manage their own equipment, but with Telstra as the single point of contact for carriage fault or hardware replacement.

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There are several options you can choose from


A choice of services
Use our equipment, choose from a vendor or get standalone Telstra maintenance services to complement your existing managed network services.


Competitive pricing
Take advantage of our partnerships with leading vendors and economies of scale to enjoy cost-effective prices for equipment.


Peace of mind
Let us handle maintenance so you can get on with more important tasks, all through a convenient single point of contact with Network Care Plus.


Our maintenance services for Cisco equipment offer a range of service assurance levels to match your business requirements at each site, plus the option to rent or buy equipment.


Potential business impact

Business Impacts

  • Reduced costs
  • Saved time and effort
  • Improved business continuity

Ideal for companies with

  • 50 – 1000+ employees
  • Complex multi-vendor networks
  • Critical network infrastructure needing business resiliency
  • Ageing/obsolete equipment

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