We’ll help optimise your applications delivery.

Improve the performance of your business applications and gain a better end-user experience for more streamlined operations.

Ensure optimal end-user experience

Applications are crucial to support business growth. But they compete for resources and not all applications are equally important.

These large amounts of data need to be delivered over longer distances as organisations consolidate, centralise and move some applications and it becomes critical to ensure applications are working efficiently.


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We can help you with our application services to help make your network smarter

Managed WAN Optimisation is a cost-effective way to improve the performance of enterprise applications no matter where your staff work. We can help you achieve an optimal end-user experience which will streamline operations.

Application Assured Networking™ (AAN) gives you application-level visibility on network issues, while turbo charging real-time applications if they require more bandwidth. You can block unwanted traffic or quickly increase bandwidth for ad-hoc or scheduled events and only pay for the bandwidth you use.

Help your organisation to get


Improved productivity, collaboration and service
Overcome network latency and accelerate application response. Configure policies to help ensure applications are delivered consistently even during peaks in demand.


Deeper visibility through analysis and data
Prioritise business-critical traffic, analyse trends for capacity planning and identify faults and performance metrics.


Experience agility and business resilience
With AAN, you can quickly deploy new business models or use powerful capabilities such as video conferencing, IP telephony and digital media. If outages occur, bandwidth can be dynamically provisioned to reduce application downtime.


Pay for what you need
Instead of permanently upgrading bandwidth for applications like video conferencing, AAN enables you to only pay for the extra bandwidth you use at the time.


Lower costs and rapid ROI
WAN Optimisation allows you to eliminate redundant traffic and free bandwidth to avoid costly network upgrades. 


Potential business impact

Business Impacts

  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced time and effort
  • Optimised network reach and reliability

Ideal for companies with

  • 100 – 1000+ Employees.
  • Multiple sites
  • Plans to consolidate or merge different networks or ICT

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