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    Powering your global reach

    Where there’s limited to no network coverage in your area, Telstra Satellite Services can help connect your remote sites to key locations.

    Our Satellite Services can support a range of voice, video and data services with interconnectivity into Telstra’s extensive terrestrial networks globally.

    Secure your business with our flexible and reliable Satellite services, all with the convenience of one provider.

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    Is it for you?

    Whether you require a single site or network of remote sites, fixed or transportable installations and flexible bandwidth data plans, Iterra® IP Satellite solutions can help. Iterra® offers quick and effective solutions around Australia where geographic location or reach is a limitation.

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    Ideal for companies with

    • A remote workforce across Australia that needs to connect with business and home
    • Short or long-term sites and offices located in harsh conditions
    • A widespread business with large and critical data transfer needs

    Business benefits

    • Provide reliable 24/7 communications
    • Improve the safety of your workforce
    • Respond quickly to new opportunities or emergencies

    Tailored and scalable

    Whether you need a fixed or transportable on-site installation, flexible pricing or purchasing models, Telstra Iterra® IP Satellite is tailored to your business requirements.

    Peace of mind

    Our dedicated 24/7 Network Operations Centre in Perth, Australia and service performance SLAs, mean you’ll enjoy peace of mind and reliable, stable service.

    Single point of contact

    Avoid the hassle of managing multiple suppliers at each site. With Telstra’s Iterra® IP Satellite solutions we can manage and connect your services end to end.

    Australia wide coverage

    Telstra Iterra® IP Satellite offers coverage Australia wide and in certain offshore waters with seamless interconnectivity to Telstra’s Next IP(MPLS) network or Telstra Internet Direct network.

    Flexible data plans

    Manage costs effectively with our range of data plans for different network configurations, catering for single or multiple sites, with dedicated or shared bandwidth.

    Secured connectivity

    Iterra® IP Satellite utilises Telstra authenticated modems and Virtual Private Networks to ensure your communications stay secure.

    Making all the right connections

    Extend your reach and connect with Telstra Iterra® IP Satellite, seamlessly interconnected to Telstra’s Next IP™ (MPLS) network or Telstra Internet Direct network and a range of voice, video and data services. We can provide satellite communications and support Australia wide and in certain offshore waters. All communications are monitored 24/7 by our Network Operations Centre around the world.

    We have delivered Iterra® IP Satellite connectivity to some of the largest companies and remote communities across Australia and have a track record of providing highly reliable and capable satellite services. Our team takes time to understand and tailor services to suit your business requirements. We provide peace of mind with a single point of contact managing end-to-end assurance for your whole of business solutions.

    Securely and reliably connect your business to Australia’s largest, fully integrated fixed and mobile network. Reach into more than 230 countries and territories through our privately owned global IP and partner networks with:

    • 2,000 global points of presence plus dedicated IP-VPN services into China and Asia
    • 50 Australian and international data centres
    • Over 4,000 staff outside of Australia, in over 20 countries


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