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A tailored mobile solution

Get expert advice on how to enhance your workforce through mobile options.

Take advantage of BYOD safely and securely

Staff increasingly want to use their own devices, but how do you provide secure access to your network? Which devices should be allowed, and how do you support them cost-effectively? How do you define employee privacy rights and responsibilities?

These are just some of the questions that BYOD Consulting can help answer. Taking a holistic view, we assess not just devices and plans, but all the factors that enable enterprise mobility. This means you can reap the productivity, innovation and cost-saving benefits of BYOD while addressing the security, process, policy and financial challenges.

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Expert advice

Our consultants can provide expert advice and a structured approach with a range of engagements across strategy, design and transition.


The strategy engagement can help you assess your business drivers, build use cases, classify needs-based user groups, and gauge impacts and risks. We can also seek employee buy-in and manage change. We offer initial strategy assessments through to full strategy assessments across all relevant business departments.


We provide a vendor-agnostic architecture and design to support a solution customised to your needs. More specifically we can consult on:

  • Network, security and compliance: Recommendations on the required architecture and high level design, and assistance with your business case and migration plan. For example, what level of network security, device security, application security, and data security are appropriate.
  • Device management: Determines device management policies, architecture and high level design, and assists with your business case and migration plan. For example, what types of devices should or should not be supported..
  • Application management: Determines application management policies, architecture and high level design, and assists with your business case and migration plan.


Transition services are designed to ensure a BYOD deployment works without a hitch for both your organisation and your staff through project management, integration and change management.

Ideal for

  • Innovation
  • Improving efficiencies
  • Enhancing customer service

Help your organisation to get

With the benefit of our broader network and client services, we can help you:


Increased engagement and productivity
Staff who use their own preferred device tend to be more engaged, productive and satisfied.


An environment where employees can use the latest devices and applications can promote new and better ways of working.


Improved security, compliance and privacy
BYOD consulting takes a holistic view that helps ensures security, compliance and employee privacy needs are addressed.


Streamlined business and IT processes
We help customers develop documented procedures which reduce complexity and confusion and allow increased BYOD adoption.


Controlled capital expenditure
Extend mobility to more of your workforce without the cost of buying devices and user training.