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Enhance and automate your communications

Streamline your marketing effort with our ready-to-use messaging solutions.

Automate your messaging solutions

Improve your marketing, operations, sales and finance activities with our messaging solutions that help to streamline and enhance how you work.

Integrated Messaging, powered by Soprano, is a suite of ready-to-use web-based software applications that allow you to use SMS, MMS and email to improve and automate your day-to-day activities. The applications include:

Telstra Integrated Messaging StaffMatch™

A work-shift fulfilment solution that integrates with leading HR and payroll applications. It automates the often time-consuming process of manually offering shifts and managing workers’ replies.

Telstra Smart Messenger

Telstra Smart Messenger is an enterprise-grade solution offering a broader range of functionality than traditional SMS-focused products. It includes enhanced encryption and secure key management for added security on Android and iOS devices, as well as new capabilities such as enhanced group mobile chat messaging for business, enhanced security such as vanishing messages and remote wipe, as well as multimedia picture and audio clip messaging. Telstra Smart Messenger is great for hospitals, government organisations and financial institutions that require greater security and an auditable business messaging environment.

Campaign Manager™

A mobile marketing solution that supports broadcast messaging and inbound response management, database creation and permission marketing processes


An automated SMS reminder and notification solution. It issues appointment reminders and confirms appointments in real-time via SMS, helping to reduce the rate of absence.

Emailer and Emailer+™

Communicate with a large number of recipients using email messages. Mobile Authenticator™ Deliver one-time SMS passwords to your customers for online authorisation and payment transactions. WebMMS and WebMMS+™ A tool for sending rich multimedia (text, image, audio and video) messages to contacts simultaneously.

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Help your organisation to get:


An integrated solution
We provide a ready-to-use suite of web-based applications that integrate with your existing business tools.




Access to our robust network
You’ll benefit from direct access to our reliable and secure messaging network.




Tailored advice
Soprano Design provides you with consulting services to match the solution to your company’s needs.


Potential business impact

  • Improve communication with your customers
  • Streamline operations
  • Increase productivity