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Keep staff members and customers up to date

Take the hassle out of sending bulk SMS and MMS with our easy-to-manage messaging solution.

Make light work of dealing with bulk SMS and MMS

Enhance your business and consumer communications with effective job dispatches, permission marketing, reminders, competitions and content bursts.

Our Access Manager service makes light work of sending and receiving bulk SMS and MMS messages.

We’ll help you send or receive large volumes of text and picture messages using your own SMS and MMS-enabled applications, such as your PC.

You’ll have direct access to our mobile SMS and MMS networks, as well as those of other operators.

If your business doesn't currently have text messaging software, you may prefer Telstra Desktop Messaging, where the messaging application is provided for you.

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Help your organisation to get:


You can operate the SMS Access Manager how it best suits your business needs. You can choose between wireless access, dial-up access and SMPP access.


Send large volumes of SMS and MMS messages quickly, safely and more efficiently from a customised application.


Reduced costs
You’ll benefit from a competitive volume-based pricing structure.


Easy management
Keep track of your messages with the registered message function by opting in for delivery reports (SMS final state notification).

Potential business impact

  • Enhance productivity
  • Streamline communications
  • Reduce administrative overhead