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Integrate messaging in your digital platforms. Fast.

Messaging is the most engaging channel today with 98% of SMS messages being opened and read within 90 seconds. And while seeing the messaging opportunity is simple, integrating it into new or existing apps can be complex, and delivery is not always reliable or secure.

Transform your digital and customer experience


Make Account Management Simple

Organisations who provide secure accounts for users need to ensure the highest security standards are always met. With two-factor authentication delivered by messaging, applications and services can deliver an additional level of security and confidence.


Create Brilliant Experiences

Timely communication can be critical to both customers and employees. SMS notifications and alerts for utility outages or delivery status improve the customer experience, while prompt schedule notifications for field teams helps them stay on track during the day or stay safe in remote locations.


Communicate At Speed

For organisations managing complex processes or large groups of people, responding to status changes can be critical. When production lines need attention or when an employee roster changes – prompt notifications can help ensure nothing misses a beat (or a shift).

Introducing the Messaging API

Our Messaging API is a simple, secure and reliable REST API which integrates messaging into your web and mobile apps, so you have the power to communicate in real time, at scale.

Reliable Delivery

Connecting directly to the Telstra Mobile Network, bypasses the need for third party connections reducing latency, and ultimately chance of non-delivery.

Cost Certainty

Don’t deal with overseas API providers, enjoy Australian based pricing so you won’t have to deal with currency fluctuations

Speed to Market

Our code is rigorously tested and pre-prepared you can deploy the Messaging API into your environment right away.

Messaging your way

Engage in two-way communication with your audience, broadcast messages to large groups or interact with individuals. Choose how Messaging API works for you.

Dedicated Support

All users have access to our online support resources, while paying customers can call a dedicated support team to resolve issues quickly so there’s no need to wait overnight to hear back from overseas providers.