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Create a safer, monitored
and controlled environment.

Our IoT enabled sensor solutions help deliver optimal environmental monitoring.

Noise, air and water monitoring made easy.

It can be difficult to remain on top of compliance, safety requirements and cost reductions whilst driving operational change. Our smart IoT enabled environmental monitoring solution helps by providing near real time alerts, and remote visibility and control.

Our technology monitors environmental factors including noise, air and water quality. Data collection from sensors provides businesses with automated alerts and data visualisations that empower you and your employees to work smarter, simpler and more efficiently.


Getting started

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Business Benefits


Proactive management
Get automated sensor alerts to keep you informed in near real time.


Reduced labour costs
Automated processes monitor relevant environmental measures, leaving you and your team to focus on core business issues.


Greater business efficiency
Have data on hand to drive decisions. Our intuitive analytics dashboards give you simple and effective control.


Increase community satisfaction
Citizens, businesses, the community and enforcement representatives all benefit from sound environmental monitoring.


Key features

  • Monitor over 60 different environmental measures
  • A simple cloud dashboard displays your key metrics
  • Real-time alerts are sent to your email or mobile

Example use cases

  • Noise Pollution Monitoring: Improve community satisfaction by monitoring noise from traffic, construction sites and noisy venues.
  • Air Pollution Monitoring: Reduce the cost of environmental monitoring and improve confidence in sustainability programs.
  • Water Quality Monitoring: Monitor the presence of pollutants in water and sewage, impacts of agriculture runoff in rivers and sea, and waste released from factories and primary industries.

How does it work?

The solution utilises a simple, scalable and cost-efficient framework.


Sensors collect data.


Information is transmitted across the Telstra Mobile Network.


Information is processed and stored on a cloud platform.


Users access a web based portal to track, monitor, visualise and respond to key business insights.

Why choose Telstra for environmental monitoring?

By partnering with Telstra you receive:

  • A range of Telstra approved devices allowing for optimised coverage and performance
  • Highly skilled resources in IoT design, execution and implementation with over 17 years IoT and M2M experience
  • Easy integration with your own or third party applications
  • Professional services to assist in solution development, project management, implementation, hosting and training
  • Greater depth and breadth of what and where you can monitor, on Australia’s best mobile network.

To learn more about Environmental Monitoring and the possibilities for IoT in your business, contact your Telstra Account Executive.