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Manage environment resources more effectively with IoT enabled sensors

Waste, water, air, soil and noise monitoring solutions that turn your data into real business advantage.

Environmental monitoring made easy

It can be difficult to remain on top of compliance, safety requirements and cost reductions while driving operational change. Our smart IoT environment monitoring solutions enable you to collect, analyse and act on data from sensors.

With Australia’s largest IoT network and solutions, access to data such as water consumption or air quality can enable proactive management of your scarce resources and empower your business to work smarter.

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What can Environment Monitoring do for your business?


Manage resources

Remote management of your scarce and important resources like water, energy or gas in challenging and difficult to access locations can help to expand, extend and enrich the data you collect and manage your business more effectively.


Improve customer services

Do your customers want access to information on usage, more flexible billing options? Environment monitoring helps manage customers usage of resources, giving them visibility and control.


Reduce costs

Do you want to save time, money and labour? Do you want to manage quality through your distribution process or optimise your yield potential? Environment monitoring can help by tracking the quality, temperature or flow, help you eliminate weak areas and lengthen the life of assets such as pipe networks.


Improve compliance

Avoid or avert potential regulatory violations by management of usage, levels, flow, quality, pressure, humidity of resources and noise conditions remotely and reliably.


Improve safety

Monitor, assess and improve workplace safety in many ways. Improve safety and reduce risks by automating measurement of air quality, temperature and noise in challenging locations to help ensure the wellbeing of employees.


Improve sustainability

Do your customers believe that water efficiency and environmental sustainability are important to the community? Environment monitoring helps you manage scarce resources, reduce wastage and pollution and minimise environmental impact.

How does it work?

The solution utilises a simple, scalable and cost-efficient framework.

Environment Monitoring infographic

What does Environment Monitoring cover?


Water Quality Monitoring

Proactively detect and manage leakages/blockages and monitor water quality and consumption at scale.


Air Quality Monitoring

Reduce the cost of monitoring air quality or temperature and improve safety and sustainability programs.


Noise Pollution Monitoring

Improve community satisfaction by monitoring noise from traffic, construction sites and noisy venues.


Waste Monitoring

Monitor sewer levels and presence of pollutants in waste water. Minimise impacts of agriculture runoff in rivers and seas and waste released from factories and primary industries.


Soil Monitoring

Proactively monitor soil quality in agriculture to optimise hydration, air and plant nutrients and minimise pollutant levels.


Oxygen Monitoring

Monitor oxygen levels in commercial aquaculture industries to optimise lifecycle of stock and improve yield output.

Why choose Environment Monitoring from Telstra?


National Coverage

Telstra provides Environment Monitoring customers with more mobile coverage in more places than any other network in Australia.


Customised solutions for your business

Telstra has over 1,000 business specialists nationwide to ensure that you get the personised help you need and the optimal solution for your business.


IoT Networks

Telstra’s CAT M1 and NB-IoT networks in Australia are built to reach challenging locations deeper into building and sub-surface areas.