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One platform to communicate via multiple channels.

Multi-channel engagement with staff and customers
using only one platform.

Communicate on the channel customers choose

You may need to contact a lot of people, but today they're using multiple channels including email, voice, SMS, Instant Messaging, social media and more.

You could send messages separately on each channel and monitor each one for replies, but that's incredibly time consuming and inefficient.

There is a better way - the Whispir Conversation Platform. A two-way multi-channel platform, Whispir lets you reach out to customers, staff, or anyone, using their preferred method of communication.

Better still, they can reply to you on whatever channel they want while you have a single, 360⁰ view of all channels. More than just communication, Whispir enables true, two-way conversations.

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Help your organisation to get


Enriched conversations with customers and staff
Use multi-channel interactive communications to help build quality relationships. Plus analyse interactions easily from your desktop, mobile or tablet.


Increased customer loyalty
Improve customer service and provide instant personalised offers such as, in-store promotions, plus rich content such as video and maps via social, SMS and email.


Increased efficiencies
Avoid the traditional hassle of managing multiple communication methods with full control and visibility of requests and responses across diverse channels.


Increased productivity
Do more in the day and make decisions faster by using real-time communication technology.


Personalised messaging
Target by individual, group or geography with personalised communications.


Potential business impact


  • Improved collaboration through personalised and timely communications
  • Business continuity through timely crisis management
  • Grows with your business: you can start with the basics

Ideal for companies with

  • Innovative approach to in-store retailing
  • Mobilised workforces
  • Hosted events with comms

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