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The best advice for the best results

Telstra Consulting can help you cut through
today’s technology options to make the right choice
for your business. We have deep, proven experience in
scoping and delivering projects on time and on

How we can help you be more efficient and competitive?

Technology often has the answers to meet your business objectives but getting the right solution, ahead of your competition and with the least risk can be a challenge.

That’s where Telstra can help. Our expert consultants offer a complete suite of services – entirely focused on making sure you get the result for which you’re aiming. We strengthened this capability in 2014 when we acquired 02 Networks and Bridge Point Communications, expanding our deep pool of consultants and technology specialists across domains and industries. You can draw on this talent, as if it were your own, leveraging our proven best practice, smart technology solutions, powerful networks and cost-efficient processes.

Our highly experienced people can work with you on every level to craft leading-edge networking, security and application solutions.  And we help keep you competitive and improve efficiencies, as well as pro-actively help you adapt to changing requirements, environments and innovations.

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How we can help transform your organisation

Cloud Consulting

We can help you develop the right cloud solution for your business.


Network Consulting

Our expert team will monitor and manage your IT infrastructure and data to quickly and accurately identify risks.


Security Consulting

Security Consulting

We’ll help you identify vulnerabilities in your network and devise a solution to protect your business.


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Get the best technology from one of Australia’s most trusted partners

When you partner with Telstra, you join a market-leading, proudly Australian can-do culture. We can:

  • Deliver simple to complex infrastructure projects, on time, on budget
  • Give you access to our critical business initiatives, like service architecture, operational support and  internal service delivery
  • Provide the peace of mind that comes from working with an experienced, highly-qualified integrator

Only Telstra can deliver:


A holistic approach
We combine a broad range of expert resources and technology partnerships, then integrate these seamlessly.


Experience where it counts
We can draw on a deep history in networking, design, architecture and solution insight.


A proven record
We’ve designed, deployed, managed and improved some of the most complex ICT environments in Australia.


People, processes and technology you can depend on
We have thousands of technical specialists and hundreds of project specialists using international best practice.

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