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A clear choice for
business calls

With the nbn™ coming, you'll have to move off ISDN voice. Business SIP® is the quick and easy IP voice alternative.


Simple voice calling over the internet

There are many options when moving to IP voice. Telstra Business SIP® can simplify your choices with cost-effective voice over the internet. There's no need for a dedicated private IP network, and you can use any internet provider or access type. You can keep your existing Telstra-approved phone system - including your current phone numbers.

Once set up, you control everything via an online portal. If you have an existing Telstra ISDN service, you can also manage when you migrate phone numbers. There's a wide choice of plans, devices and extras. And add-ons including Business Continuity, and the Mobility pack to make calls at home or on the go.

Is Business SIP for you?

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Keep your phone numbers and Telstra-approved phone system.


Works with multiple access types, service providers and the nbn™.


Migrate at your convenience and manage the service yourself.


A wide range of plans and options.



Why Business SIP?

Moving to IP voice couldn’t be easier. With Business SIP, you get a simple, affordable, alternative to ISDN that’s available now.

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Quick and easy

Get set up in a few days. And scale easily as your business grows.


No need to replace your phone system or have a private IP network.


Use your existing access network now, and be ready for the nbn™ when it arrives.

Stay in control

Manage migration, users and plans and check performance via our portal.

Use any network provider

Have a broadband internet service from Telstra or other providers.

Powerful extras

Take advantage of our mobility, security and business continuity options.

Use any internet provider or access type

Use any internet provider or access type

A guide to migrating your business voice services

Don’t lose your voice in this change. Find out which migration option is right for you.

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User Portal

Assign users, passwords and phone numbers. Check service performance and view reports.

Business Continuity add-on

Calls are automatically redirected to a nominated number during an outage.

Mobility Feature Pack add-on

With the Telstra Business Connect app, you can:

  • Use a smartphone or tablet on the go
  • Work at home while appearing to be at your desk
  • Use your computer/laptop - no need for a landline phone
  • Have Simultaneous Ring (up to 10 devices).

Tailor features to your business

The service adapts to virtually any kind of business. Ask our team about:

  • Analogue phones
  • FAX
  • Virtual receptionist
  • Alarm line
  • Hunt group
  • Business Lines
  • Individual numbers or 100 number blocks

Wide range of plans

Choose from a variety of plans that come with or without call inclusions.

Calling Plan Small Medium Large
Local Calls 22c/call Included Included
Standard national Calls 30c/call Included Included
Standard calls to Australian Mobiles 30c/min 30c/min Included
On Account Calls (Business SIP to Business SIP calls only) Included Included Included


Other resources

If you’re looking to migrate your on-premise voice solution to the cloud, there are a range of Cloud Collaboration Solutions.

Still unsure why you need to upgrade? Check out this interactive infographic.