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Mobile Special Events

In today’s connected world consumers expect reliable mobile phone access will be readily available. However, at an event with a large crowd gathered in one location, high call volumes and data usage can cause issues with call connectivity and slower data speeds than usual.

Events such as music festivals, sporting events and agricultural shows attract tens of thousands of visitors and generate traffic volumes comparable to the traffic normally carried in a medium-sized city, which is generally served by multiple mobile base stations.

Boost your events with better reception from Telstra to keep your patrons connected. Our range of commercial temporary mobile solutions can help improve coverage and increase network capacity for the duration of your event. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements and learn more about how we can support your event.

Telstra Mobile Special Event solutions

The solutions available vary depending on the event’s location, duration and whether there is appropriate power and security for our infrastructure.

Cell on Wheels (COW)

Ideal for events with large crowds, this temporary solution helps boost mobile network coverage, increases capacity, giving your guests a better connected experience.

Telstra Wi-Fi Network

Keep your staff and patrons connected on their mobile devices and laptops during your event.

Why Telstra?

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Reliable performance through the Telstra network

A more reliable network connection gives your guests better online access at your event.

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Our best-of-breed approach

Working with us means you also benefit from our expertise and experience at maximising network connectivity at events.

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Connectivity when you need it

Our portable base stations (COWs) are tethered to Telstra’s core network, helping you increase mobile and Wi-Fi capacity during your events - allowing your staff and attendees to stay online on the ground when they need it.

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