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The Zimperium Intrusion Protection System (zIPS™) is a mobile application built from the ground up to protect your iOS and Android devices. Seamlessly running in the background of your device, it detects security threats as they occur and warns your users quickly.

Key features

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Dynamic threat detection

Monitor the whole of your device for malicious behaviour and dynamically detect known and unknown device, network and application threats with the on-device z9™ detection engine.

Machine learning threat analysis

The zIPS solution uses machine learning to analyse changes in device behaviour to accurately identify specific types of attacks and classify zero-day vulnerabilities.

Quickly secure your devices

The zIPS app provides fast incident-response recommendations to users when malicious activity is discovered to comprehensively protect corporate or employee-owned devices.


Improved visibility of your device security

Your security team has the ability to monitor and manage your fleet of mobile devices from a dynamic threat dashboard, so you improve visibility and automate your response to threats.

Get deeper security understanding

Benefit from deeper security insights from network, device and malware forensic data, so your security team understands the who, what, where, when and how of a threat.

Protect your business

Feel confident that your users are secure by defining policies to protect your organisation and implementing them when you are attacked.

How it works

The app runs in the background of mobile devices, detects security threats and warns end users when ​a security threat is detected. Threats can come from many angles and typically take the form of:​

  • Application based threats – ​(for example, malware) or​
  • Network based threats – (for example, ​‘man-in-the-middle’ attacks) or​
  • Device based threats – (for example, ​elevated device privileges).​

These can put both device and sensitive data at risk. When integrated with the Telstra Mobile Device Management platform (T-MDM) and installed on devices, end users can embrace mobile working ​and IT teams can have confidence that corporate information is safer and better protected.​

Frequently asked questions

The zIPS application is deployed using your Telstra Mobile Device Management (T-MDM) platform.

Users can either find the zIPS app in your T-MDM enterprise catalogue and download it directly as required, or you can include zIPS in your company’s IT policy and automatically push the app to your teams’ devices.

Why Telstra

Security Intelligence

Get integrated, end-to-end visibility of your mobile devices for a faster, more coordinated response to security threats.

Simplifying security management

We make protecting your business easy with a range of security features and services, so you get the security you need at the right price.

Benefit from the best of global technology

Telstra partners with leading security providers to make sure your business gets the best the industry has to offer.

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